"*Whistle and dripping noises* SHUT UP!"
Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig
Charlie 1


January 8, 2010

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Ian, Anthony, Charlie, Antoinette, Landlord

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Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig is a Smosh video uploaded on January 8, 2010. It is the first video of multiple Charlie videos. It shows some of Charlie's origin and how Anthony and Ian live with him.


Part 1

Anthony asks Charlie what part of England he's from, but Charlie tells him to shut up. When Anthony replies that he was just asking a question, Charlie tells him to shut up again and then he asks if they have any whiskey. Ian asks why he needs it, but Charlie retorts: "If you're a normal f**king person, that's why!" Then Anthony asks if Charlie's drunk, to which Charlie admits he's "a little sozzled". Then Charlie says that he'll get himself some booze, but he first needs their help getting him down off the table, because his legs are "a little stubby."

Part 2

Ian appears to be arguing with someone (most likely Anthony) about the song "Paparazzi," saying it was about "her transvestite dad named Roxie." He listens to his music, singing along to "Paparazzi," until he finds a beer can on the floor. He goes to tell Charlie that he needs to clean up his beer mess, but abruptly stops when he discovers Charlie with Antoinette. Ian asks him why he was with his ex-girlfriend, and Charlie claims that "she's fair game." Ian calls him a British bastard, and throws the beer can at him, but hits Antoinette instead, knocking her out. Then Charlie exclaims that Ian "knocked her bloody block off" and suggests they both take advantage of her. Ian then angrily responds, "No!"

Part 3

Anthony is looking something to eat in the fridge until Charlie tells him that he has something to tell him. Anthony asks what, but Charlie tells him to get closer. Anthony does, but Charlie still tells him to get closer. Anthony does, and Charlie whispers "f**k you."

Part 4

Charlie is watching pay-per-view porn when Ian and Anthony are shocked to see he is watching it but Charlie retaliates saying "Shut up, wanker." Ian and Anthony then turn it off, and tell him that he can't live with them anymore. Suddenly, the doorbell rings, and Anthony goes to get it. It's their landlord, who tells Anthony and Ian that they are five days late on their rent and demands his money. Ian says it's Charlie's turn to pay, but Charlie says that he spent all of the money on booze. The landlord gets angry at them and begins to threaten them. However, Charlie tells him that they "ain't payin' a single dime this month," and that if he has a problem with that, he will have to talk with Mr. Stabby (a knife). This frightens the landlord, so he offers to pay for their rent, then runs out of the house while looking at them again. Anthony and Ian are impressed and begin to warm up to Charlie again. However, the landlord busts down their door with a rifle in his hand asking for the money again, but Charlie throws Mr. Stabby at him before the landlord could shoot or do anything.


Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig (video)/Script


  • There was a deleted scene where lan and Anthony have to tell Charlie to go, and lan suggests to shoot him.
  • This is the first time "wank" was said in Smosh.


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