Smosh has many channels on YouTube, including cast members' personal channels.

Main ChannelsEdit

The channels used by Smosh the most:



Smosh is the main channel led by Ian Hecox. It originally started as the comedy duo of Ian and Anthony Padilla. On June 14, 2017 Anthony left Smosh to become an independent creator. A main video is uploaded every Friday. Series The Big What If and Every Blank Ever are uploaded on the channel bi-weekly on Wednesdays. In 2015, five new actors joined the Smosh family. They are the eighth most subscribed channel on YouTube with over 22.6 million subscribers.

Smosh 2nd ChannelEdit

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Smosh 2nd Channel was originally Ian's personal YouTube channel named "IanH". It was created six days after Smosh's main channel that was originally used for Vlogs, Contests, Announcements, Commercials, and Smosh alerts. On February 5, 2010 Ian released a series on the channel called Ian is Bored which was Ian vloging and doing random things. Over time Anthony became present in many of the videos until his departure, the channel was renamed and the series was renamed Smosh is Bored. The channel became their second channel also used for side shows Squad Vlogs, Smosh Lab and The Show That Has No Name!. The channel currently has over 5.3 million subscribers.

Shut Up! CartoonsEdit


Shut Up! Cartoons is a YouTube channel created by Smosh, hosting several animated shows created by other animators. Originally having many shows it is used much less and the only running show is Smosh Babies as of April, 2017. The channel has over 2 million subscribers.



ElSmosh is a YouTube channel created by Smosh. The point of this channel was to dub all of their videos into Spanish for their Spanish audience. The channel currently has over 2.8 million subscribers.

Smosh GamesEdit


Smosh Games is a YouTube channel created by Smosh. It is hosted by Mari Takahashi, Matt Sohinki, Joshua "Jovenshire" Ovenshire, Wesley "Wes" Johnson, Amra "FLitz" Ricketts, David "Lasercorn" Moss, Ericka "Boze" Bozeman and Damien Haas as they play games together, do reviews, updates, and more. As of June 2017, Videos are uploaded every day besides Thursday and every other Saturday.

Smosh France Edit


Smosh France is a YouTube channel created by a fan, then officially endorsed by Smosh. The point of this channel was to dub all of their videos into French for their French audience. The channel currently has over 148,880 subscribers.

Smosh Games Alliance Edit


Smosh Games Alliance is a YouTube channel created by Smosh. Mari, Flitz, Lasercorn, Jovenshire, Wes and Sohinki do side series like What're Those!? and Lost Levels as well as give tips about game play. Though videos started to be unloaded less and less on the channel and What're Those!? was moved to the Smosh Games channel.

Unused ChannelsEdit

Super Head Esploder-X Edit

Super head esploder-x

Super Head Esploder-X is a channel to promote Smosh's game, Super Head Esploder-X as depicted in "THE MOST VIOLENT VIDEO GAME EVER". It has one video titled "Super Head Esploder-X Trailer".

AskCharlie Edit


AskCharlie (now titled New AskCharlie EVERY WEDNESDAY) is a channel used to ask Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig questions. Although still available, a video has not been released since December, 2011 because of Charlie's death.

Personal ChannelsEdit

Personal channels of main Smosh and Smosh Games cast members

Courtney MillerEdit

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Courtney Miller is the personal channel of Courtney Miller. While not using it at first it is used on occasion with no schedule and she uploads videos when she pleases. The channel also gives viewers her PO box information.

Smosh OliviaEdit

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Smosh Olivia is the personal channel of cast member Olivia Sui. The channel has seven total uploads though there hasn't been an upload since November 2016 and no recent activity at all has been shown on the channel.

Noah GrossmanEdit

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Noah Grossman is the personal channel of Noah Grossman. The channel only seems to have one video uploaded August 9, 2016 titled "Virtual Date With Noah Grossman". The channel shows no other recent activity as of April 2017.


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SmoshShayne is the person channel of Shayne Topp. There are two videos uploaded on the channel. Both of these videos are Vine compilations. The most recent was uploaded September 30, 2016. Other than than there has been no activity shown on the channel.

Smosh KeithEdit

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Smosh Keith is the personal channel of Keith Leak Jr.. The channel has no videos uploaded. It also has no other activity shown on the channel's feed making the channel nearly useless.



Lasercorn is the personal channel of David "Lasercorn" Moss


AtomicMari is the personal channel of Mari


Secret Channels Edit

The Secret Channels are channels used to upload a video that is used on the Main Channel like: Commercials, YouTube videos, tutorials,etc.


Avatar 720-vflYJnzBZ

AnthonyTwerks is a channel that features a video of Anthony and his twerk team twerking. The video is titled "Twerk Out - Anthony and the Twerkettes" and is featured in the Smosh video "MY TWERKING ADDICTION." The channel has over 8,306 subscribers and over 730,000 total video views.


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ianthecutecat is a channel that features a single video where Ian acts like a cat. The video is titled "THE CUTEST CAT EVER!" and is featured in the Smosh video THAT'S HOT!. This channel has 46,580 subscribers, and over 1,700,000 total video views.



PissedOffDad1969 is a channel features only one video titled "My Dumb Son's Birthday" about Billy Hamburger. It is also briefly shown in the Smosh video titled IPhone 5 REVEALED. This channel currently has over 10,515 subscribers and over 557,260 total video views.

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