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Smosh has a total of eight channels on YouTube.



Smosh is the name of comedy duo Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. They are best friends who regularly make videos together which the upload on YouTube and their own website They are the 4th most subscribed channel on YouTube.

Smosh 2nd ChannelEdit


This channel was Ian Hecox's Personal YouTube channel created six days after Smosh's main channel originally for Vlogs, Contests, Announcments, Commercials, and Smosh alerts. But then it became their second channel for Lunchtime w/ Smosh, Ian Is Bored and Smosh Pit Weekly.

Shut Up! CartoonsEdit


Shut Up! Cartoons is a YouTube channel created by Smosh, hosting several animated shows created by other animators. This is the second newest series of Smosh, and has over 800,000 subscribers.



El Smosh is a YouTube channel created by Smosh. The point of this channel was to dub all of their videos into Spanish for their Spanish audience.

Smosh GamesEdit


Smosh Games is a YouTube channel created by SmoshIan, Anthony, and Mari team up with gamers Sohinki, Jovenshire, and Lasercorn of ClevverGames to play games together, do reviews, updates, and more. Videos are uploaded on this channel every day (currently the schedule consists of 2 videos on Mondays and Saturdays and 1 every other day of the week). Itss also the gome of 'game bang' and 'honest game trailers'.

Smosh 3rd ChannelEdit


Smosh 3rd Channel (Once called HangWithSmosh) is yet another one of Smosh's channels, but  hasn't had anything uploaded since 2012. It was for a little series called Hang With Smosh.

Smosh France Edit


Smosh France is a YouTube channel created by a fan, then officially endorsed by Smosh. The point of this channel was to dub all of their videos into French for their French audience.

Secret Channels Edit


Avatar 720-vflYJnzBZ

This channel features a video of Anthony and his twerk team twerking. The video is titled "Twerk Out - Anthony and the Twerkettes" and is featured in the Smosh video "MY TWERKING ADDICTION." The channel has 5,616 subscribers and 313,703 total video views.


This channel features a video where Ian acts like a cat. The video is titled "THE CUTEST CAT EVER!" and
Avatar 720-vflYJnzBZ
is featured in the Smosh video "THAT'S HOT!" This channel has 42,866 subscribers, and 1,298,346 total video views.


This channel features a video titled "My Dumb Son's Birthday" that is also briefly shown in the smosh video
titled "iPhone 5 REVEALED." This channel currently has 9,827 subscribers and 462,306 total video views.

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