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Ian is Bored 16

"Celebrities are Stealing My Hair!" is the 16th installment of Ian is Bored.

A continuation of a previous episode where Ian was excessively cursing because pop artist Rihanna had "stolen" his hair.

During the duration of this episode, Ian is seen eating his dinner, which is Mexican food.

Also, close to the end of the episode, Ian announces that he is moving Ian is Bored from Fridays to Mondays because that way more celebrities won't steal his haircut.

Full list of people who stole Ian's Haircut

  1. Fantasia Barrino from American Idol
  2. Tao Okamoto
  3. Ashton Kutcher
  4. Ellen DeGeneres
  5. Scott Baio
  6. Justin Bieber (mispelt as "Beiber")
  7. Pete Wentz
  8. Zac Efron (pictured above)
  9. The Beatles
  10. Jesus?
  11. Jack from Jack in the Box
  12. Anton Sugar
  13. Kelly Osbourne
  14. Jack McBrayer
  15. Agnyess Deyn

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