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January 11, 2008

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"Santa is Real!" (Season 2007)

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Cat Soup is a Smosh video, uploaded on January 11, 2008.

Brief Synopsis

When Ian comes down with a cold, Anthony helps speed his recovery with an extra-special soup. Now with extra protein!


Ian Got Sick

Ian is sitting at a table, shivering, and Anthony walks over to him and hands him a bowl of soup as he tells him it should make him feel better. After Ian thanks him, Anthony asks him what made him get sick. Ian then explains, "The other day, I was eating this donut. Then my mom called." In the flashback, Ian's donut falls into a muddy puddle as he is opening his phone to answer his mom's call. "So I picked it up like, four minutes later. Then I ate it. I just don't understand how it got me sick. I mean, I was well within the boundaries of the 5-minute rule." Anthony tells Ian that it's the 5-second rule, not the 5-minute rule, but Ian doesn't believe him, saying that he looked it up on Wikipedia. He then changes the subject to a bleeding scratch on Anthony's face, and asks him how he got it. Anthony says, "It's nothing," but Ian persists, reminding Anthony that he told him what he wished for on his birthday. Anthony finally agrees to tell him how the scratch came to be: He was playing with Ian's cat, who suddenly attacked his face and then went crazy on him.

Anthony v.s. Ian's Cat

Ian's cat jumps at Anthony's face, accompanied by Screamo music. It then turns around, holding a knife, and Anthony runs into the kitchen. The cat then appears on the counter, still holding the knife, and Anthony grabs a nearby spatula to defend himself. The cat leaps at Anthony again, and Anthony pins it down on the countertop and slides it across, knocking down a line of wine glasses and a Jenga tower. The third time the cat leaps toward Anthony's face, he dodges it and opens a microwave that the cat lands in. Anthony sets the microwave timer for forty seconds, then waits till it's done heating up before taking it out again so they can finish their fight. The cat puts its paws around Anthony's neck, and Anthony sees a pot of boiling water on the stove. He then stuffs the cat's head into the pot, drowning it.


Barfing Ian, as he realized that this soup is a cat soup.

It cuts back to Ian and Anthony having their conversation, and Ian asks when all of this occurred. Anthony says it happened only ten minutes ago, and that he's surprised Ian didn't hear them in the kitchen. Ian then asks if the cat drowned in the same soup Anthony gave him, and Anthony starts to reply, but Ian throws up over the edge of the table. After sitting back up, Ian says that he feels better. Anthony says, "Awesome! That means we can go see Disney on Ice!". Ian asks what Anthony means and he repeats himself. Ian then says he thought Anthony asked if he still liked steamed rice and a confused Anthony chuckles while saying, "What?". Ian says that he still likes steamed rice and they both start laughing at Ian's mistake. Now eating steamed rice, Ian suddenly becomes frightened and looks at something over Anthony's shoulder. He tells him that the cat is right behind him, holding a knife. As the cat raises the knife and prepares to kill them, Ian and Anthony scream in terror as the camera zooms out to the outside of the house.

Reporting Ian and Anthony's Deaths

A newspaper then appears, with the headline saying, "TWO TEENS FOUND DEAD IN HOME." The caption underneath says, "Bodies found with multiple scratch wounds."

A close-up of Ian's cat holding a knife and wearing a Rambo uniform is shown whilst scary music plays. Before the episode ends, the scene quickly goes to Anthony staring in terror while the same music plays one last time.


Cat Soup/Script

Shut Up! Opening

"*Cat meowing* SHUT UP!"

Subscription Ending


Trivia / Goofs

  • It is obvious that Ian's cat is a stuffed animal.
  • This video was a part of the "Smosh Speedup Sweepstakes" where the classic Smosh videos "Cat Soup," "Crybaby," and "Hardcore Max 2" were sped up, with mistakes from the original videos.
  • The Speedup Sweepstakes differences in this video include:
    1. That Damn Neighbor is seen in the window when Ian mentions that look up the 5-minute rule on Wikipedia.
    2. When Anthony microwaves the cat, Benny Jean's pet flamingo is seen in the microwave instead.
    3. At the end of the video, Ian's face is seen instead of Anthony's.
  • Throughout the episode (but most visible when the cat turns around while holding a knife), the strings on the cat's arms are very visible.
  • The doughnut that Ian dropped on the ground at the start of the video (which made him sick) was a pink frosted sprinkled doughnut, his favorite food.
  • The song when Anthony fights with Ian's cat is by Discovery of a Lifelong Error.



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