Career Day
Career Day


August 10, 2012

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Approximately 2,100,000 at the time the video was deleted


Oishi High School Battle



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Oishi, Noodles, Ryuzu, Mrs. Hooper, other students (including Raif)

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Career Day is the fifth cartoon for the Shut Up! Cartoons series Oishi High School Battle. It was released August 10, 2012.

Brief Summary: Ryuzu makes an appearance in Oishi's school for Career Day.


The episode starts off at Career Day, in Oishi's High School about Mr. Vanks who deals with large format document collation which the students were bored. The literature teacher calls in Ryuzu, Oishi's father to come in. It took a little while, but Ryzu talks about being a demon slayer by saying that he has seen exodus demons possessing the body of a tentacle wolf who's tentacles are made of more wolves, seen a gerbil the size of planet devouring a god, flip-wrestled a dolphin demon, threw a sun at another sun, swam through oceans of blood, battle through locust swarms that would make people beg for death, and seen **** that would make people's d**ks cringe. But when Raif asks:

"Then why are you wearing an Office Max Outfit?", Ryuzu bursts into tears and tells them "because I work there now." Ms. Hooper asks what he does there and he said that he cleans the bathrooms and sometimes would be allowed to stack paper if he washes his hands. A student asked why he has a banana peel stuck to his pants which he said that tried to catch a nap in the dumpster outback and everyone starts to laugh. Ryuzu cries in the room and the scene transitions.

Now, Oishi and Ryuzu are at their house. Ryuzu watches TV while Oishi checks on her father after knowing that Noodles had a dream where Ryuzu commited ritual sucidie after his ultimate dishonor. Noodles even metions the second half of his dream was about kittens. Ryuzu says that he was alright and then Ms. Hooper, Oishi's Teacher comes in the house.

"Why is my literature teacher in our house?" Oishi asked. Ryuzu thought Ms. Hooper was a well idol now. Oishi and Noodles got frustrated over Ms. Hooper's entry.

"I know it can be hard for you when your dad starts to date, but You have to get over it." Ms. Hooper replied. Oishi replies that Ms. Hooper won't be the same match as her mother which she is an eight-eyed monster with a big mouth which Ms. Hooper agreed.

Oishi gets into bed, wakes up from a nightmare, runs to her father's room for comfort, and hears strange noises, and sees Ms.Hooper and Ryuzu having sex. Oishi wonders what was going on which Ryuzu said that they were just having a parent-teacher conference. Oishi then wonders why the octopus with d**ks at the tip of its arms making a sheading sound also saying that she hates Ms. Hooper and goes back to bed. The octopus asked if they were keep doing what they were doing or not.

The next day of school, Oishi has a personal talk with Ms. Hooper that after much deliberation and several plots of sealing Ms. Hooper in an eternal self-obrileeating crystal sphere, she must accept the relationship with Ryuzu, his destiny is alone to guide, and is sorry for being stubborn. Ms. Hooper liked Oishi's maturity and that they can get along. She even thought of ditching with just Oishi sometime which Oishi would be honored. The next day at school, another kid asks where Ms.Hooper is since she's fifteen minutes late. Oishi says she is fine, but Oishi had imprisoned Ms. Hooper in a crystal ball in space, designed to burn up into the sun and explode, killing her, only to revive her and regrow to restart the process again and again.


Career Day/Script


  • This is the second episode Oishi didn't fight a demon. The first episode was The Crush.

Shut Up! Opening

"Why is my literature instructor in our house? SHUT UP! Cartoons! Hahaha."