Cannon Penis

The picture that you saw

Cannon Penis is a catchphrase derived from Smosh 2nd Channel (at the time IanH) series Ian is Bored (now Smosh is Bored) (Episode 27), Cannon Penis involves taking a popular video of Ian Hecox standing behind a cannon as if it were his penis, and applying it at certain points in a video to create a quite possibly awkward moment.


  • The cannon is at a mini golf course.



Most Epic Vacation Ever! (Ian is Bored 27)01:50

Most Epic Vacation Ever! (Ian is Bored 27)

Original Video from Ian is Bored Episode 27

CANNON PEN1S! (Ian is Bored 37)03:08

CANNON PEN1S! (Ian is Bored 37)

Video Featuring Cannon Penis

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