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Call of Duty: Starring Smosh is Smosh's 2013 April Fools Video.


Anthony reminds the viewers that the next Call of Duty game comes out this fall and Ian tells them that the makers of Call of Duty has chosen them to be in the game. They were super pumped and thought of bringing the guys over to see how it goes. They first traveled to LA by air to meet some of the main people behind the Call of Duty series in Activision 

In the headquarters, Ian and Anthony met Tom Baker, Jessica Schieffer, and Peter Yorke. Tom asked them how they the story should go which Anthony told the viewers that he never thought that had to come up with their own story so they didn't know what to say and came up with their own story right from the place. Anthony thought of the story where they're in Russia and try to stop the terrorist invading Russia, but Tom said that was in the first Modern Warfare game. Ian suggested that they're in America, but Russia invades it. However, Tom said that was in the second Modern Warfare game and asked if they ever played Call of Duty. Ian and Anthony told the three that they did, but told the viewers they didn't. Ian said that he plays multiplayer, but not single player which Anthony no one plays the single player. Tom actually had an idea of his own. Peter told Ian and Anthony that Russia has totally invaded U.S. and Jessica said that they both are part of an elite secret team sent in to destroy the invaders from the inside out by becoming male hookers. Anthony believes that their audience is into male hookers, but Jessica said that since the average Call of Duty fans are males between eighteen and twenty-four, those men like hookers. Peter believes that Ian and Anthony look sexy.

In the motion capture stage, Ian thinks the outfit sucks because they're super tight which Anthony believes that's what Ian's mom said which Ian didn't find it funny. Tom acts as the director making a film where Ian and Anthony distract the driver as male hookers. Tom cut for one bit because Ian thought it was weird. Later on, Tom films a scene where Ian and Anthony get the guy's car and runs over some Russians in which they jump in the car. Tom also said that they're running over fat Russians in which they jump higher. In those two scenes, Ian gets confused if they were picking up on men or women, Tom wanted them to bounce higher to the point they totally hurt their heads, and Tom wanted Ian to act more sexier. When Ian and Anthony wash the guy's car, Ian didn't get what that has to do with Call of Duty.

Tom stopped the acting asking them what the problem was, which Ian said it was the entire set. Tom suggested that they should stop being pussy and to man up to act like guys. Ian and Anthony stand near a corner to talk personally about the way Tom treats them. Ian doesn't think it's fun, but Anthony does because he thinks they're gonna be heroes. Ian knows that they're just male hookers. He thought at first they were going to be like co team 6 or cybernetic super soldiers. Anthony wanted Ian to try once more to be in the game which Ian agreed.

Tom starts a scene where Ian and Anthony start to have sex, but Ian automatically doesn't want to do even though told him it's not real sex. Ian didn't care and Tom had a good time laughing at how they argue. Tom told them neither of those scenes are going to be in the next Call of Duty game, anyway. Tom said that every year, Smosh makes an April Fools joke and tricks him. But in 2013, Tom tricks them asking how they felt of being April Fooled. Anthony said that he didn't felt good which Tom that payback was a bitch. Ian and Anthony asked if they weren't hookers and what they were going to be in the game which Tom said that it was a joke saying that they're the worst actors ever and "Good bye!" to them. Ian and Anthony did leave. Anthony then says to Ian as they stare out dejectedly that he hates April Fools Day.


To be written. Please click the dead link below and make it live by adding dialogue and scene direction from this upload.

Call of Duty: Starring Smosh!/Script

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