CRAZY FATASS! (True Story 1)
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March 5, 2010

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True Stories

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Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, Bryan, "Phil" and their family

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CRAZY FATASS! is an animated video about a true story that happened with Anthony, Ian, and a few other friends of theirs.


When Ian, Anthony, and their Mormon friend named Bryan were 15, they went to their school during the summer to play a game where one player tries to get to the other side of the school without being hit by water balloons by the other 2 players. Bryan and Ian were the ones who throw the water balloons, while Anthony is player who tries to get to the other side of the school.

All of a sudden, a fat man [that Ian] named "Phil", who just got back from the public swimming pool with his family, started yelling at them. He yells at Ian and Bryan to get down from the school's rooftop. Ian got down, but apparently, Bryan just ran away so he could get away with the situation. When "Phil" got to Anthony and Ian, he tells them that they are vandalizing school property and that he was going to call the police. Ian tries to explain that they weren't really vandalizing the school and that they were just running around, but his explanation does not convince "Phil," who then starts screaming like an "enraged animal of some sort".

After a while, Anthony decided that he had enough of the situation, and attempts to leave. However,"Phil" becomes even angrier, and starts choking Anthony. "Phil's" wife tells him to stop choking Anthony, but he refuses and tells her that he'll snap Anthony's neck, causing Ian and Anthony to be very frightened. However, before he supposedly kills Anthony, he asks Ian what his name is. In situations like this, Ian would have used a fake name, but because he was "scared shitless," he ends up using his real name instead. "Phil" then asks Anthony for his first and last name, so Anthony replied by saying that his name was "Bob Jones". Ian believed that they were going to be killed by "Phil" because Anthony made up such an obvious name. However, "Phil" apparently believes Anthony, and then asks him where he lives, prompting Anthony to give "Phil" a completely random address named "1234 Street St."

Surprisingly, "Phil" lets Ian and Anthony leave, but he told them that if he sees both of them at school again, "there will be hell to pay." The boys go back to their house, only to see Bryan at their front door. Normally, Ian would've got him back for escaping, like kicking his stupid head off for being an insufferable pussy. But since he was glad that he was alive, he let him off the hook and Bryan buys some milkshakes for all three of them.


If you're going to harass a couple of innocent teenagers, make sure they don't find out where you live, because they might just "T-P" your house. A lot.


  • The Mormon friend Bryan appears in the credits for the other episodes, even though he didn't star in them.
  • At 04:11, the tombstone that illustrate Anthony's going to dead after said fake full name is written "R.I.P HERE LIES ANTHONY, SQUASHED BY A FAT ASS..."
  • The fake address: "1234 Street Street" is used again on Anthony's ID in WORST ID PHOTO EVER!
  • This story is animated by the truly talented Milowerx Animation Studios
  • Logically, This happened in 2003 since it happened in the summer when they were 15. They were both born in 1987, they turned 15 in 2002 (during the 2002-2003 school year), and they didn't turn 16 until their birthdays on 2003. Therefore, this event happened in 2003.


Shut Up! Opening

"The following video is based on a true story. SHUT UP!"



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