"I hope no trees hit me! I'm just walkin' along, I certainly hope that no trap activates right now!"
Lasercorn upon finding an Ewok log trap




Game Star Wars: Battlefront II
Release Date November 27, 2012
Length 8:28
Views 600K+ (July 2017)
Link CHOKING THE WOOKIE! (Backseat Gaming)
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Episode 9
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CHOKING THE WOOKIE! is the ninth episode of the Smosh Games series Backseat Gaming, hosted by Lasercorn and Sohinki. It is the one-off episode of Star Wars: Battlefront II.

It was released on November 26, 2012 alongside the Dope! or Nope episode LEGO LORD OF THE RINGS!


The guys play some old school Star Wars Battlefront 2 and take full advantage of Vader's "Special" Powers.
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Lasercorn's turn

Sohinki is back from his trip and Lasercorn indirectly mentions the "Battlefront fun" that was had while he was gone. They play Hunt Mode and enter an Endor battle on the Imperial side as a stormtrooper. Sohinki orders Lasercorn to kill an Ewoks running around the map, and Lasercorn opens fire on all the Ewoks in front of him. Sohinki orders him to shoot the Ewoks in the balls and Lasercorn mentions that this will be difficult as "their balls are so tiny". Lasercorn switches to first-person view. Sohinki orders him to shoot an AT-ST, despite being on the Empire's side. They debate on how to kill, then decide to steal it instead. They destroy another AT-ST with their AT-ST, but Sohinki noticed the pilot of the AT-ST they destroyed escaped right before it was obliterated.

Sohinki orders Lasercorn to "step on everything". Lasercorn steps on something that explodes, which they compare to balls exploding. Sohinki wants Lasercorn to recreate that scene in Return of the Jedi in which an AT-ST walks into an Ewok trap that causes two horizontal logs to swing and smash into either side of it, crushing the walker. After a bit of searching around, Lasercorn finds such a trap and walks through it, to no effect, to Lasercorn's disappointment.

Lasercorn comes across someone playing as Chewbacca and shoots him. Sohinki orders him to mourn Chewie's death, and Lasercorn delivers a small speech in remembrance of the Wookiee. The round eventually ends and Lasercorn is frustrated that his team lost, partially due to Sohinki's nonsensical orders.

Sohinki's turn

Sohinki wants to fight for the Ewoks, but Lasercorn makes him join the Empire. Lasercorn orders Sohinki to go Ewok hunting and shoot them in the balls. Next time, Lasercorn allows Sohinki to join the Ewoks. He orders him to be a red-furred Ewok. Lasercorn wanted Sohinki to spear a scout trooper in the balls. Sohinki threw his Ewok's spear, but his the scout in the chest, but in did end up between the legs. Lasercorn then orders Sohinki to mimic Ewok noises. Sohinki fails to kill another scout trooper with rocks and is killed.

They join a battle on Tatooine between Jawas and Tusken Raiders. Sohinki joins the Jawas and starts shooting Tuskens. Lasercorn orders him to imitate Jawas, and Sohinki imitates the ones from Spaceballs. Lasercorn orders Sohinki to make up a Jawa battle song, which he rates a C-. Sohinki joins the Tusken Raiders. He runs up a staircase and Lasercorn orders him to combat roll off a Jawa, which he partially succeeded in doing.

Later, in a space battle, Sohinki gets into the Soulless One and Lasercorn orders him to "kamikaze" a Republic Venator-class cruiser's antenna. When he starts to get close to it, Lasercorn tells him to stop shooting it, and ignores Sohinki's frantic attempts to tell him that it can only be destroyed by shooting it. Sohinki still suicide bombs the antenna, not damaging it. Lasercorn expresses disappointment in Sohinki, resulting in Sohinki facepalming.

Lasercorn order Sohinki to be a stormtrooper and orders him to "start killing fools". Sohinki enters a corridor and opens fire in Rebel soldiers, earning enough points to play as Darth Vader. He switches to Vader and returns to the hallway. They begin Force choking enemies (including the titular Wookiees). Lasercorn orders him to imitate Vader's voice and to continue Force choking Wookiees. Vader is eventually killed, but return to playing as him. Lasercorn orders Sohinki to begin throwing his lightsaber at enemies. Sohinki throws it at a Rebel soldier, which kills him and kills another on the return trip to Vader's hand, to their awe.

Sohinki continues to stalk around the ship as Vader, slaughtering Rebel soldiers and Force choking Wookiees. Lasercorn decides to end the episode there because of Sohinki's "creepy" comments and that he is "about to jizz all over my computer". Before the episode ends, Sohinki does a Force choke pinch at the camera, and Lasercorn imitates being Force choked.

Reasons for switching

  • Lasercorn switched because he was frustrated that his team lost the battle and that he was unable to do much about it, largely in part due to Sohinki giving him random orders, most of which were not doing anything constructive and relevant to the battle.


  • This is the fourth "successful" episode of Backseat Gaming, meaning that it did not end with someone ragequitting.
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