Brittni Barger


Brittni Barger

Date of Birth:

August 18, 1985 (age 32)





YouTube Channel:






Brittni Barger, (born August 18, 1985), is an American actress and YouTuber. From 2014 to 2016 she was a major actress in Smosh videos, appearing in many major female roles alongside standard Smosh cast members Olivia Sui & Courtney Miller. She had an uncredited appearance in a sketch during Smosh Live. In early 2017, she made two more appearances in Smosh videos but has not appeared since.

Brittni also has a show called Book Boner Bistro on the YouTube channel FourLetterNerds though the channel has been inactive since May of 2016, reaching only 1,900 subscribers.


  1. The Adventure Time Adventure: Roberto's Girlfriend
  2. Movie Reboots Suck: Elsa
  3. The Real Party Song: Female singer
  4. 19 More Crazy Vines (That Don't Exist): Boob girl/Pregnant lady/Passed out girl
  5. If Apps Were Real: Tinder Girl #3/Soldier's Wife
  6. Name Rap or Die: Female dancer
  7. Anime Voice Swap: Ian's voice
  8. My Bathroom Disaster: Anthony's date
  9. Disney's Star Wars Blind Date: Jenny
  10. If TV Shows Were Real 2: Penny/Piper/Helper
  11. Food Battle Music Videos : Jawbreaker girl
  12. 9 Most Horrible Bosses: Perfectionist Boss/Pervy Pervester victim/Creepy boss
  13. Top 10 Video Game Dances : Girlfriend/Sad Girlfriend
  14. Just Like Link: Female prostitute
  15. If Guys Had Girl Problems: Denise
  16. Smash Rap: Zero Suit Samus
  17. Video Game Items in Real Life : Cosplayer/ Anthony's Date
  18. Sex Turban : One of the few Sex Turban Worshippers
  19. AVENGERS LEAKED FOOTAGE: One of the Slow Motion people/Special Effects controller/Black Widow
  20. The Mother's Day Rule: Teenage Girl #1
  21. Every Instagram Ever: Club Girl #2
  22. Magic iPad : Ian's Tinder Date
  23. Every Game of Thrones Ever: Game of Thrones Dancer
  24. Camp In A Van: Dolores
  25. Every Teacher Ever: Student/Pedo Teacher
  26. Epic Trailer Gone Wrong: Receptionist
  27. Every Halloween Ever: Slutty Gandalf/Trick or Treater
  28. We're in The Angry Birds Movie: Movie promoter
  29. Backwards Curse Words: Woman
  30. ONE LETTER OFF SUPERHEROES: Ex girlfriend/Wander Woman/fiance
  31. Smosh Live: Jiff Wireless sketch (uncredited)
  32. ONE LETTER OFF TV SHOWS: Scream Queefs Contestant
  33. IF APPS WERE REAL 2: Bumble Party Girl