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Best friend? We don't even know you.
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Breaking the Habit
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January 16, 2009

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Characters featured

Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, Cheryl Hecox, Kim Jong-il, Stevechen

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"Hardcore Max 2"

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"Ian's First Girlfriend"

"NO! HE SMELLS LIKE S**T! But you can come. – Stevechen"

"Breaking the Habit" is a Smosh video, uploaded on January 16, 2009.


In the kitchen, Ian is eating celery because of his New Year's resolution to eat healthier. He then mocks Anthony for picking his nose. Anthony insults Ian back by saying that he doesn't crap his pants, causing Ian to yell, "SHUT UP", and run away. Later, Anthony calls a Nose Picking Specialist named Steve to help Anthony with his nose-picking addiction. While taking a walk, it is revealed that Steve's real name is Stevechen and he is working for Kim Jong-il to kill Ian and Anthony because Jong-il and Stevechen are planning to detonate a nuclear bomb in their house (for very strange and unknown reasons).

While playing Monopoly, Stevechen befriends Anthony, enjoying the economic aspects of capitalism and discovers that Ian is wearing a diaper. When Jong-il calls Steve again, he says that he'll kill his family if he doesn't obey his orders to set the bomb off in Ian and Anthony's house. Stevechen says that he does hate Ian, but he doesn't want to kill Anthony. While Stevechen is talking to Jong-il, Anthony notices Ian having his diaper changed by his mom. Anthony gives up his nose-picking addiction and hugs Steve and thanks him. Steve's heart grows 3 sizes after a plutonium bomb is delivered to the house, so he takes Anthony and the delivery guy out for ice cream. However, he doesn't take Ian because he "smells like s**t". Ian slams the door and starts crying because he wants ice cream. After that, Ian's mother shakes the box thinking it was an early Mother's Day gift. Ian warns her that it's a bomb, but it explodes, leading to a nuclear explosion.

Alternate Ending

Instead of Ian asking Anthony if he bought a plutonium bomb, he screams and Anthony screams, "A PLUTONIUM BOMB?! WHAT THE F**K?!!!". After that line, they get shot and it is revealed that Sharon is also a spy working for Jong-il. Then she and Stevechen laugh maniacally and it ends.

Alternate Alternate Ending

Taking place where the alternate ending ended, Ian and Anthony suddenly stand up. Anthony explains that they are zombies now, with Ian adding that they are "Zombies have LASER EYES!". The two then fire lasers from their eyes, which hit Stevechen and Sharon.


Breaking the Habit/Script

Trivia / Goofs

  • It is revealed that Ian wears diapers. However, in "WTF! I'm Old!", old Ian was seen as potty-trained.
    • In "HOT ROBOT SLAVE," it reveals that Ian, who is likely a different fictional version of Ian, wears diapers again.



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