Bra Removal
Bra Removal


August 13, 2012

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Nature Break



Characters Featured:

Dr. Michael W. Hollingsworth, Lizzy, Susan, Emily, Wayne, Rusty, Krista

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Bra Removal is the sixth cartoon for the Shut Up! Cartoons series Nature Break. It was released August 13, 2012.

Brief Summary: Dr. Hollingsworth discusses the very social habits of the Animal Kingdom.



A fox walks onto the scene and sits down. A while later it gets up and leaves, leaving a spot of pee.

Skit 1: Susan, Emily, and Lizzy (Llamas)

Lizzy asks Suan and Emily if they could sign her yearbook. Emily takes it and writes "Have fun in the sun, and get laid in a place where it isn't sunny because you don't want to get sun burnt like-" she couldn't figure out what is not sunny. Susan said basements. Emily continued to write and gave the book back to Lizzy. Lizzy quoted what she wrote "Have fun in the sun, and get laid in a place where it isn't sunny because you don't want to get sun burnt like basements." Then she said, she could of wrote have fun in the sun and get laid in the shade because it rhymes. Basements are creepy. Emily got mad at Lizzy for critcizing her personal touch. Lizzy forgives Emily and tells Susan to write whatever she wants. Susan takes it and writes "Dear Lizzy, you are one cool banana. Don't change anything except your underwear because, that would be gross if you didn't change that. You can call me whenever you need a friend to talk 2. Be cool, don't rule or drool." Lizzy says it is terrible. They then get hit by a train.

Skit 2: Wayne (Sloth), Rusty and Krista (Chameleons)

Wayne is sleeping when Rusty and Krista walk in. Rusty keeps trying to wake him up. Krista then suggests he is asleep. Wayne keeps making noises. Rusty thinks he is having a nightmare but, Krista states that they are loving noises. Rusty still thinks he is having a nightmare. Then Wayne starts to move. So, Rusty says maybe he is still having a nightmare but, having sex with like a mummy or something. Wayne lifts up his arm and starts rubbing it on the branch. Rusty says that it is Wayne's secret "bra removal" trick. He gets out a pen and paper so he can learn how to do it. Krista says that it is not nice. Now, Wayne is getting crazy and then he stops and wakes up. Then a flower grows and eats all of them.

Shut Up! Opening

"You know girl, you can thank me later."

Sponsered By

The Avian World International Fund: Helping birds without pitch live in harmony.


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