Boxman for President


October 12, 2008

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Boxman for President is a Smosh music video uploaded on October 12, 2008.

Brief Synopsis: A music video about the benefits of Boxman being elected for president.


My name is Boxman, I'm runnin' for prez
I know I'm gonna win 'cause I'm better than the rest
I'm here to fix the US so don't distress
And I'm the best dressed, but I digress
From the north to the south to the east to the west
America would look like less of a mess
McCain's not the best I must confess
Let me try to express my deteste
1. He's bald and stanky
2. He's old and cranky
3. He's got hair on his back and
4. He smokes a lot of crack
As you can see John McCain is a joke
He's in his mid 70's
He's bound to have a stroke
The other candidates will feel the pain
When I please the trail with my campaign

(Boxman is runnin' for president/Boxman is the number one candidate/Boxman will give McCain chicken pox/Boxman is the only man in a box)

Barack Obama's not the right choice either
If it was up to me you'd vote for neither
Both McCain and Obama should get the axe
Just let me tell you these Obama facts
1. He's got a chubby belly
2. His pits are really smelly
3. Osama's his brother and
4. He slept with my mother

So please make the right choice and vote for me
You'll see I'll fix the e-conomy
I guarantee health care would be free
And every day of your life would be filled with glee
Now let's talk about the war in Iraq and how we're wasting our time with that crap
It would be faster with my new policy to just nuke each enemy country

(Boxman is runnin' for president/Boxman is the number one candidate/Boxman will steal Obama's socks/Boxman is the only man in a box)

Let's stop wasting money on education
And quit wasting cash on transportation
Let's focus on something for the population
Like the eradication of conctipation
So when it comes time for you to choose
Which candidate will wear the president's shoes
You'll vote for me and I'll tell you why
'Cause my Vice President is this guy

***Hoff Dances Like A Boss***


Shut Up! Opening

"I wanna become president, then I'm gonna go after Osama Bin Laden-SHUT UP!"



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