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This article is about the character. For the Smosh video, see Boxman (video) 



Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla (if Ian is portraying someone else)
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Christmas, box cutters, and lighters.

Boxman is portrayed by Ian Hecox (sometimes by Anthony Padilla if Ian is portraying another character) and voiced by Anthony Padilla. He is a scrawny man, who has the body of an old box.


Boxman is a regular man, but has the torso and head of made of a box. A smiley face is drawn on the box with a black marker, and other pieces of cardboard are used to change his expression when needed.

He wears a light brown short-sleeved shirt and blue jeans.


The origin of Boxman started when he was relaxing at home, "eating some Raisin Bran". Then, he noticed how pale he was and decided it was time to get a tan, so he grabbed his scissors (for reasons unknown) and ran downstairs. He forgot his house was a story tall, and missed the first step and fell. Then, he saw that he was impaled by the scissors and ran outside to get some help on the street, but he was run over by some cars (which were driven by Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox) multiple times, mutilating his body to a near-fatal level.


After the incident, Boxman found himself in a strange location, and an apparently uneducated "dirty bum" (played by Anthony Padilla) had an explanation. He found Boxman nearly dead in the middle of the road, and found that it was nessessary to preform reconstructive surgery on his torso and his head. He had to use a box as his (Boxman's) new body because he had no human parts. The news was so overwhelming to Boxman that he fled from the scene.

Boxman has been ignored and rejected since the accident due to the fact that every store has banned boxes. He is also rejected by other people.

He hates Christmas, box cutters, and lighters.

Boxman really wants to meet a girl who likes him for himself, but cannot get any girlfriends, except one. Boxman never noticed that his only girlfriend was a guy (played by Anthony Padilla), until the end of the video where he tackled his "girlfriend" and took his wig off at the beach.

Boxman has a family, and a brother (played by Anthony Padilla) who hates him and wants to kill him, as revealed at the end of the music video, Boxman's Christmas, where the brother gets ready to set Boxman on fire with a lighter.

Boxman ran for president in 2008, but he lost the election to Barack Obama. Boxman wasn't even a senator, and he wasn't a choice to vote for.


Boxman has appeared in these videos:


Boxman's Escape

Boxman Dance Time

Boxman Dance Time only appeared in "Boxman for President" and Boxman's Girlfriend." It starts with Boxman dancing alone. Then after 15-30 seconds, 2 more dancers join. 30 seconds later, even more dancers dance with Boxman.

Boxman Dance Contest

The Boxman Dance Contest was based on "Boxman for President." Many Smosh fans entered the contest, and a few people won.


  • Boxman makes an appearance in Smosh's latest game, Super Head Esploder-X. Boxmen only appear as enemies.


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