Bloodborne is the forty-second Honest Game Trailer.

BLOODBORNE (Honest Game Trailers)03:55

BLOODBORNE (Honest Game Trailers)


From the only company who still make games for grown-ups like Dark Souls, Tenchu and the adventures of Cookie and Cream ? comes the game that put everyone who bought a Xbox One on suicide watch. Bloodborne.

Prepare for the first AAA title in forever that actually lives up to expectations, that's scarier than most horror games on the market and more disturbing than that one scene from Stick Of Truth when you're crushed by your own dead balls (a scene from South Park: The Stick Of Truth is shown).

Suffer through an other action RPG that's just as brutal as Dark Souls because it's basically is Dark Souls, but isn't called Dark Souls, to trip people who hate Dark Souls into trying out Dark Souls (in both games, NPC's are laughing evilly).

But it's not the same old sosie and pain-train. Experience Bloodborne brand new features like : weapon ambiguning, health potion-farming, stabbing yourself and more stupid top hats than a steam punk funeral. Milady.

Suit up as a brave count Chocula or Choculette and fight your way through a city having their monthly version of the Purge. In a massive interconnected environment that fits together tighter than a nun's bible and uncover the dark mystery of Yharnam, the healing Church and the old ones or don't because half of the story is hidden in the item's description. And the good ending as you turn into a magic squid so.. it's probably pretty dumb.

Doll: Oh, good hunter.

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