Blood, Guts, Glory is the twenty-third installment for the Smosh Games series Cage Match Challenge. In this episode, they are playing Bloody Trapland. The challenge is to have the most wins after six rounds starting with racing mode and alternating with Deathmatch mode. The winner of a deathmatch round is determined by the number of times killed by the other player, not the total number of deaths.

Round 1

Lasercorn deaths:51

Sohinki deaths:42

Sohinki wins.

Round 2

4 Lasercorn deaths and 1 successful kill.

2 Sohinki deaths and 3 successful kills.

Sohinki wins.

Round 3

Lasercorn deaths: Screen not shown.

Sohinki deaths: Screen not shown.

Sohinki wins.

Round 4

5 Lasercorn deaths and 3 successful kills.

4 Sohinki deaths and 5 successful kills.

Sohinki Wins.

Round 5

Lasercorn deaths: 7

Sohinki deaths: 6

Lasercorn wins.

Round 6

6 Lasercorn deaths and 2 successful kills.

9 Sohinki deaths and 4 successful kills.

Sohinki wins.


  • At the the beginning, the two say that they would play for the best out of seven rounds.
    • This 7th round would have been a race.
    • If they stuck with this setup, they could have stopped after Round 4 since Sohinki had won in a clean sweep of those.
  • As Lasercorn said, this is the first time Sohinki has won a cage match against him.


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