Bigfoot is Gay
Bigfoot is Gay


August 21, 2009

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Characters Featured

Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, Dane Shawson, Bigfoot

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Bigfoot is Gay is a Smosh episode uploaded on August 21, 2009. The episode guest stars Shane Dawson.


Anthony is watching TV when a news report comes up which says that Bigfoot has been confirmed to be real and is living in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. Bigfoot was seen walking in the background of a sexy video of a bare-chested man chopping wood. The news then states that the U.S. Government is offering $5,000 to the person who can capture Bigfoot alive.

Ian and Anthony drive to the woods to capture Bigfoot when they bump into Dane Shawson (played by Shane Dawson), who also came to the woods to capture Bigfoot. Ian introduces Dane to Anthony and tells him that Dane's beaten Ian in every competition he's in, such as the biggest bubble gum bubble, best hair, and the first person to jump over a steam roller. Dane leaves to capture Bigfoot as his lackey knocks Anthony's canteen off his hands.

Later, Ian and Anthony get lost and Anthony asks where Ian's going. Ian looks at the map and says, "We're here near the upper Zora's river, we go through the Hidden Village, down the Bridge of Eldin, and we go into Hyrule Field." Anthony asks if Ian's reading a map from The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, but Ian defensively says that it isn't. As soon as Anthony spots the castle near Hyrule field, Ian crumples the map and says that they should capture Bigfoot.

Ian and Anthony try to capture Bigfoot in many different ways: First, Ian tries to do a mating call from a book called Bigfoot Mating Calls for Dummies, but it ends up attracting a swarm of bats instead. Second, Anthony tries to do a trap where as soon as the granola bar is moved, a net will come and capture the victim. Nothing happens with the granola bar, so they switch it for a Playboy magazine. Nothing happens, so they switch the Playboy magazine with a Gay Man Weekly magazine. Ian shrugs and they hide behind the bushes.

As Ian and Anthony play a game where Ian tries to draw Vladimir Puten, a scream is heard. Ian and Anthony find the net moving vigorously and they open it, only to find out that it was Dane reading the magazine, who defensively says that he thought it was a Bass fishing magazine. Dane then suggests that since finding Bigfoot is difficult, he, Ian, and Anthony will have to work together and split the reward. Ian is reluctant at first until Anthony says that he worries too much and agrees to Dane's proposal.

As Dane announces that they're almost there, Ian and Anthony start to complain that they've been walking too much and Anthony's hungry. Dane says, "Well how about you have a taste of my knockout gas!" However, he starts to spray silly string onto Anthony instead of knockout gas. Dane realizes this and puts the silly string can away before pulling out the knockout gas can, in which he sprays Ian and Anthony, knocking them out.

Ian and Anthony wake up to find Dane sticking fur on their faces and themselves tied up. Dane explains that since he was going to get rid of Ian and Anthony anyway, he's dressing them up as Bigfoot's children so he'll get a bigger reward. He also revealed that he's already caught Bigfoot. Ian asks in surprise when Dane says, "You bet your toned little asses I did. Well, yours is toned. Yours not so much." Anthony complains that they've been working really hard and Dane replies, "Just like Hannah Montana said, nobody's perfect." Ian agrees, only to realize they're trapped and shouts, "Let us out of here, Shane Dawson!". Dane corrects his name to Ian and threatens to shoot them with a bear tranquilizer if they give him any more lip. Anthony pleads Ian to do the mating call for bats. Ian does this and a swarm of bats swarm around Dane. The panicked Dane accidentally misfires his rifle, hitting Bigfoot and knocking him down. However, the head falls off and reveals that Bigfoot was really Dane's lackey.

Dane yells at Ian and Anthony for ruining his plan, says that the video in the news was staged by him, and that he's broke and he was gonna use the money to buy a house. Suddenly, the real Bigfoot sees Ian and Anthony tied up and he thinks they're his children. As Dane is about to shoot Ian and Anthony, Bigfoot comes in and punches Dane, knocking him out. Bigfoot sets the boys free and Anthony gets the net to capture Bigfoot. At first, they celebrate about being rich until they hear Bigfoot crying. Anthony finds Bigfoot's family picture and lines it up with his own (consisting of three of himself in 3 different sizes). Anthony says that they can't do this, so Ian suggests they should set him free.

Ian and Anthony set Bigfoot free and throw him off the cliff, which results in Bigfoot falling to his death. Ian says that he thought Bigfoot could fly and adds, "He did in Sesame Street," but Anthony says that he was thinking of Big Bird. Ian and Anthony laugh at their mistake and leave the dead Bigfoot behind.

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Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street- SHUT UP!"


  • In some scenes the Bigfoot costume was accidentally left unzipped.
  • When Ian yells, "BAHGA BAHGAH BAHGAH!!", the bats that attack them are connected to strings.
  • Dane's lackey is portrayed by Corey Fruh, who also portrayed Teleporting Fat Guy.
  • When Dane uses his knockout gas on Ian and Anthony, the camera also gets knocked out, causing the screen to fade to black.
  • The bear tranquilizer rifle used by Dane is a daisy red ryder air rifle.
  • In one scene, Ian calls Shane Dawson by his real name, but gets corrected by Shane himself who reminds him that his name is Dane.



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