Best Dressed Game Characters

Best Dressed Game Characters is the seventy-eighth installment of the Smosh Games series Why We're Single.

Sohinki's Picks

His first choice is Adam Jensen. His duster, while ridiculous in real life, suits him very well. Adam also has glasses that he extend or retract from his face that can be used as punctuation for his quotes.

Secondly, Altair has a versatile coat adorned by numerous straps for hiding weapons and gear.

Lasercorn's Opinion

Blackbeard from AC4 particularly appeals to him for his appearance epitomizing pirate style. His beard, guns and hat particularly look cool. As well, his jacket and wigs added to the gritty aesthetic.

His other choice is Sir Hammerlock. His style is so pronounced, you can almost see his accent. It is suggested by his mustache and safari attire.

Joven's Favorites

Agent 47's clean, professional suit and gloves are impressive. 

Finally, Dante from DMC is Joven's next pick. Much like how Jensen's duster, Dante's red leather coat is a difficult piece to pull off. 


  • Jovenshire and Lasercorn both stated they would appear in a video with a change to their appearance if this video received 1 million views.
    • Lasercorn said that he would grow out his red beard. After saying this, he backpedaled by asking viewers not to watch it too much, just a couple hundred thousand views.
    • Jovenshire would cosplay as a shirtless Dante (wig and all).

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