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Bella Swan


Bella Swan
Portrayed by:
Edward Cullen, vampires
Getting lame presents for her birthday
Edward Cullen (boyfriend, later husband) Monster (child)
Edward Cullen, Edward/Superman's family, Jacob
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Bella Swan is a character in the Smosh series. She was first introduced in "7YR OLD DOES TWILIGHT!," and also appears in Twilight: New Moon Deleted Scenes. Her boyfriend is Edward Cullen, who she sometimes calls Superman.


In "7YR OLD DOES TWILIGHT!" Bella wore a green blouse with long sleeves and black pants. In her later appearance in Twilight: New Moon Deleted Scenes, she changed her looks. Her hair is shorter, she now wears a brown jacket, jeans and also a red lipstick. She was a student when she met Edward. 

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