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Beef 'n Go
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May 3, 2008 (Smosh)
May 30, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Anthony, Ian, Roy Lee Jenkins

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Beef 'n Go is a Smosh video uploaded on May 3, 2008. On 22 June 2014, "Beef 'n Go" reached 100 milion views and it's currently the only Smosh video to do so.

Brief Synopsis: Are you the kind of person that loves meat, but is always on the go? Well this revolutionary new product is sure to help.


Anthony's TestimonialEdit

Anthony, an average person, asks, "Are you the kind of person that just loves meat but is always on the go?" He then talks about how other meat products are inconvenient and messy. He gives examples of daily activities where he can easily eat Beef 'n Go, such as running or doing errands. The video then shows photoshopped pictures of famous celebrities holding Beef 'n Go in their hands. Barack Obama is holding Beef 'n Go at a presidential debate, with Hilary Clinton in the background looking jealous. Tom Cruise is showing Beef 'n Go to the Church of Scientology. Britney Spears is getting out of her car, holding a tube of Beef 'n Go. Her vagina is also showing. Anthony then introduces his friend Ian, a 5-time Olympic gold medalist, who then explains how Beef 'n Go has improved his social life.

Ian's TestimonialEdit

Ian says that he always struggled with his social life, until he found out about Beef 'n Go. It cuts to him with two women, saying, "I never thought a tube of beef would score me so many chicks." He then squirts the Beef 'n Go into a cup for the girls to share.

It then cuts to Ian and Anthony watching the commercial they just filmed, and Anthony asks, "Can you please remind me why we did this commercial?" Ian responds, "Let's see, does free Beef 'n Go for life sound good to you?" An interview then comes on TV with Roy Lee Jenkins, the founder of Beef 'n Go. The interviewer asks him about the cows' diet. He replies, "We feed them wheat grass and wheat grass only. Oh, and horse testicles." Ian then spits out the Beef 'n Go he had just been drinking.

Theme SongEdit

Beef 'n Go is really neat
It's the best food that you'll ever eat
Squishy, squashy, down your throat
Gives your lungs a meaty coat
Always good for fun fine dining
It breaks down your stomach lining
Beef 'n Go is super cool
Fatal diseases get you out of school
Ever want to eat horse balls?
Swallow it down with beef and all
Beef 'n Go is really neat
It's the best food that you'll ever eat!


Beef 'n Go/Script

Shut Up! OpeningEdit

(mooing) SHUT UP!


  • When Ian is explaining about how Beef 'n Go helped him pick up hot chicks, it shows the girls eating it from a cup, which is a spoof of 2Girls1Cup.
  • Roy Lee Jenkins is played by Corey, who plays Teleporting Fat Guy.
    • The name "Roy Lee Jenkins" is a parody of "Leroy Jenkins," a World of Warcraft meme.
  • This is the most viewed Smosh video of all time, having over 100 million hits. This is mainly due to the fact that the thumbnail for the video is a censored picture of Britney Spears' vagina. This is also how HARRY POTTER DELETED SCENES! became popular due to its thumbnail of Hermione in a bra--coincidentally, it is the fourth highest-viewed Smosh video of all time and just around 50 million hits less than this video.
    • The vagina thumbnail wasn't intentional, because up until late 2009, thumbnails on YouTube can't be chosen.
  • Beef 'n Go appears as an advertisement on the YouTube website next to the Smosh video HOMELESS MILLIONAIRE! in the real video of the same name when Hugh Jasshol was watching said video.

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