Anthony and Ian are seen playing Battle Ship on Anthony's bedroom floor.

Anthony: J...J7?

Ian: Yep.


Ian: uh... G9?

Anthony: Miss.

Ian gets frustrated. Then you see a smiley face on the board.

Ian: Ugh.


Anthony: Uh... J... J6?

Then Ian gets angry and there are drums playing in the backround and Anthony laughing. Then Ian puts his losing piece down and throws the board aside. Anthony gets scared and Ian grabs his board. He then hits Anthony in the head with the board. Anthony starts crying. Then Anthony goes into a corner and says no, as Ian picks up something and beats Anthony with it. Then Anthony kicks him in the crotch.


Then Anthony runs over to the door. Then he gets a toy gun and starts shooting Anthony with it. This goes on for a while, then the camera pans over the room, and shows Anthony faking being dead.

Ian: Anthony? Uh... Anthony... Best 2 out of 3?

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