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February 8, 2006

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Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theme

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Battleship is a Smosh video uploaded on February 8, 2006. It is the second Smosh video of Season 2006.


Ian and Anthony play a game of Battleship that takes a turn for the worst.


Ian and Anthony are sitting in Anthony's room, playing Battleship. When Anthony hits Ian's last ship, he goes into a fit of rage, accompanied by scream-type music. He slaps Anthony with his Battleship board, and then starts hitting him with a cardboard tube. Anthony defendes himself by kicking Ian in the balls, and then crawls to the door. Ian regains himself, and pulls a gun out of the back of his shirt. He shoots Anthony multiple times while saying, "Die!" The camera then pans over the game pieces, which are strewn all over the floor, and ends at Anthony's dead body. Ian, looking over his work, asks, "Best two out of three?"


  • This is Smosh's first YouTube comedy sketch.
  • This is Smosh's first ever YouTube short, the second being the first out of their series of videos called "Smosh Short".
  • This is the first video to depict Ian's short temper over games, better shown in the 2010 video, "LIZARD RABIES!"
  • Not a single drop of blood came from Anthony's body while Ian was shooting him.
  • The gun Ian was shooting with had an orange tip, showing it is fake.






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