Batman's Cool Internet Video
Batman's Cool Internet Video with Spanish subtitles


June 14, 2008

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Batman, Robin

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Batman's Cool Internet Video is a Smosh video uploaded on June 14, 2008. In this episode, Batman (played by Anthony Padilla) and Robin (played by Ian Hecox) create an internet video.


Batman was cooking sausages when Robin calls him to tell him that he found a hilarious internet video, and Batman comes to check it out. The two watch the video, in which Batman said it was stupid, and said he can make better video. Robin tells Batman to prove it, in which Batman accepts.


Batman introduces himself in his video, and tells him that he will tell the viewers how to become a super hero like him, while Alfred works the camera and Robin assists.

Lesson 1: How to Kill Bad Guys

Batman tells that Robin is pretending to be a robber, and that he was holding a bag filled with $5,000,000. Batman will hit him with his Bat Boomarang at Robin's head and says it will kill or severely injury him. Robin says he's ready, but backs up because he was scared of being hit. In the second attempt, Batman orders Robin to not move, but Batman misses this time. Robin says it didn't hit, but he was ordered to act like he was hit. Batman sarcastically says about what Robin said when he pretended to die was "real great".

Lesson 2: Saving person via Zip-Line

Batman tells that he was going to pretend that behind him and Robin was a burning building, and that Robin was a damsel in distress. What Batman was going to do is to hold on a zip-liner which was above him. He tells Robin to grab onto him to show how to do it, but Robin says grabbing on to Batman was gay. Batman then angrily says that both of them are wearing tights, and asks "How can it get any gayer?!" Robin does it and says things a damsel would do. However, they both fall off. Robin suggests that Batman should have pushed off harder, but Batman angrily suggests that Robin should lose some weight, and calls him a fatty. Robin screams at Batman and says he is sensitive about his own weight. He also says that Batman was the reason he was on Jenny Craig in the first place.

Lesson 3: How 2 Neutralize a Dog with Rabies

Batman tells that Robin is going to demonstrate this lesson with a euthanizer gun. However, Batman put real rabies in the dog to make the lesson realistic. The dog goes out of control, and Robin couldn't neutralize it. Because the dog couldn't control itself, it caused Robin to shoot Batman and killed him.


Robin kills himself after he killed Batman because of what he did. Then Batman laughs and says the he was joking and that he was not really dead, but he realizes that Robin commited suicide. Batman then asks if Alfred had taped it, and he answered yes. Then he becomes extremely excited that he was going to become a Youtube celebrity and dances around, not caring that Robin died.


  • There is no clue where the dog went after Batman was "shot".
  • When Batman throws his bat boomarang the 2nd time, it looked like Robin dodged it.
  • The video Batman and Robin watched was Spiderman, Spiderman.
  • Batman's first lesson was on how to kill bad guys, despite the fact that Batman's one and only rule is no killing.



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