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September 16, 2011 (Smosh)
July 25, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, Brian, girl scout, jogger, pizza guy, robber, Richard Simmons lover, burrito guy

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Food Battle 2011

Not to be confused with REJECTED VIDEOS!

Banned Video is a Smosh video that was uploaded on Sept 16, 2011. However, this video was created in 2007.

Disclaimer in Beginning

In 2007, Smosh made a video that was deemed too inappropriate for release, but now since all of Smosh's creations are inappropriate, they released it in 2011, exactly 4 years later. People will now enjoy the early renditions of the old, crappy and early Smosh days.


Ian tells Anthony that he broke a thermometer and poured Mercury into Brian's drink when he wasn't looking. Anthony tells him that it's going to kill Brian and sure enough, Brian dies. Ian says that Brian was fine the previous times that he did this and tells Anthony that they need to do something about the body, but Anthony argues that Ian killed him, who argues that Anthony didn't stop Ian. Anthony calls the cops, which makes Ian punch Anthony, only for Anthony to drown in Sparky's water dish.

Ian thinks about what he's going to do about the deaths of Anthony and Brian, when a Girl Scout selling cookies comes up and asks if Ian wants any. Ian punches her, and then he throws a box of cookies at a random jogger's head. A pizza delivery guy comes up and asks Ian for pizza. Ian asks what kind and the pizza guy tells him that it's artichoke, prompting Ian to hit him with the pizza box. A robber comes up and Ian punches him (complete with the Wilhelm scream). A man tells Ian about the new Richard Simmons tape, but Ian shoots him.

Ian decides to place the bodies on a Twister map to make it look like that they're playing Twister. A Mexican person (Anthony) comes in and asks if he can play, only to realize that the people are dead. Ian tells him not to tell anyone, but the Mexican asks if he can tell his mom. Ian takes the Mexican's burrito and chokes him to death with it. In the end of this, Brian gets up and laughs and says it was all a joke. He saw Ian spill the Mercury out of the thermometer and pretended to be dead. Ian says that it was a good one and they high five (Like in "Left Handed") and the credits roll.



  • Ian - Himself
  • Anthony - Himself
  • Brian - Himself
  • Girl Scout - Herself
  • Jogger - Himself
  • Brian - Pizza Guy
  • Robber - Himself
  • Richard Simmons Lover - Himself
  • Anthony - Burrito Guy


  • Burritos Provided by - Carlos Mencia
  • Camera Operator - James Cameron


Banned Video/Script


Banned Video/Gallery


  • Some viewers think that this video was made in 2011 and uploaded the same year, though Ian has a bowl haircut and no facial hair. Revealing that this was made in the earlier Smosh days, it has the overall tone of the earlier videos as well. 2007 was also the only year where Ian had a "proper" bowl haircut, not like the one Anthony made fun of him for.
  • This Brian is the not the one from CRAZY FATASS! (True Story 1), this Brian plays That Damn Neighbor and the Food Battle Announcer, who was last seen in Food Battle 2014.
  • The robber's scream is provided by a recordedly edited on version of the wilhelm scream, which was first heard in the 2009 Smosh Videos, Anthony's Death and Lizard Rabies! (blooper)
  • This was the last Smosh video to air before Food Battle 2011, but before it was the trailer, revealing some content from the video.
  • If one look's at the robber's pistol, they can see that it is a Desert Eagle. This makes it another one of the times it is seen in videos. An example would be in the thumbnail for PLAYING WITH GUNS!.
  • It is impossible for Anthony to drown in a dog's water dish, being that it wasn't filled to the top and the water is only an inch deep.
  • When the pizza guy asks if somebody ordered a pizza, Ian asks him what kind it is, and he replies "Artichoke" a clear reference to a scene "Replacement Needed" video (apart of the "Breakup" Series) in which Ian narrates the script of the Pizza Delivery Guy Video to T-Bag.
  • This video was uploaded the same day of Anthony's birthday.
  • As far as anyone knows, this is the real cast of this video. Anthony Padilla as himself, Ian Hecox as himself, Brian Rassmussen as himself, Chris Foley as "Jogger", Brian Rassmussen as "Pizza guy", Chris Foley as "Richard Simmons fan" Anthony Padilla as "Burrito guy"
  • In the credits of the video, Anthony is credited as "Herself".
  • A Smosh main channel video was uploaded the same day but in 2016 titled Worst Heist Ever.
  • This is banned due to references to murder.

Subscription Ending

(Ian) After seeing that old video, you're probably not gonna want to subscribe, but just in case you wanna.

Shut Up! Opening

" Ian looks so much better with the bowl haircut, SHUT UP! "



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