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March 15, 2013 (Smosh)
March 17, 2013 (El Smosh)

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Richard Pooters Jr., Michael Jackson, several plane riders, Anthony, Ian

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Banned Airplane Safety Video is the eleventh episode of Season 2013 of Smosh that was uploaded on March 15, 2013.


Captain Richard Pooters Jr. of American Skyways produces a banned video of how to be safe on a plane.




Captain Richard Pooters Jr. (Anthony) welcomes the passengers to American Skyways, greets himself, and tells the viewers that he'll be teaching through the basic safety procedures in the air craft. When he goes to the passengers, he walks showing his SpongeBob underwear.

In the second-class deck, Richard walks backwards asking the viewers if flying in the plane is a happy time asking the viewers if it's true which a fat passenger agreed, but Richard thought the answer was wrong. He explained that it was serious business where danger is lurking at every corner and at any giving moment, a passenger could either get sucked out of the window, can either die by being frozen or asphyxiate from lack of oxygen, and then shatter into a million pieces from falling off from forty thousand feet off the ground or fly out the other way, get stuck into deep space where the body can't be found by his/her family ever. This message startles the boy. After that, Richard starts getting to the safety guide line.


Seat Belts

Richard went to one of the passengers named Michael Jackson (Ian) and asked his name which Michael gave out. Richard told him that if he doesn't know how to use a seat belt, he is f**ked. Richard shows the viewers how to do it because it's required by the law. He said to take both ends of the seat belt and jam them together; however, he showed it by putting his finger into his other hand that was shaping like an O (Making the main sex gesture). It was so disturbing that the guy next to the fat guy covered the fat guy's eyes with his hand, but the fat guy leaned his head away from the hand to take a closer look.


The Restroom

Michael Jackson knocks on the door waiting for the lady to come out because he's prairie dogging. Richard says that it isn't safe for passengers to form a line out in front of the lavatory, so the new rule (Punishment) is that passengers have a thirty second time limit in the restroom. Michael got startled when Richard said that and when Richard was timing him. Even though Michael was the only person waiting, he had to obey the rules and rushed as fast as he could after the lady went out of the restroom. Richard even said that going number 2 (Taking a dump) isn't allowed anymore. Michael was worried even more doing a number two thinking that how rule take effect. Richard told Michael that he has ten seconds left on the time limit but it wasn't enough time for Michael. Richard then called security who disgusted themselves as the brochure of safety guide lines and came to Michael pulling him out of the restroom, electrocuted him with a taser, and Richard gave the viewers a smile.

Alternate Scene

When security came into the restroom, Michael Jackson gives off what sounds like a sex scene which made the captain worried.


Oxygen Masks

Richard says that if the cabin pressure changes, the panels above the passengers heads will reveal oxygen masks. He also said to put it on by pulling it over your head and breathe normally in the masks. Richard also said that oxygen is flowing even though the bag doesn't inflate. Richard was joking saying the masks are all broken. The old man who followed Richard's instructions died and his head landed on his meal on the tray table.


Emergency Exits

Richard is seen saying that in case of life threatening emergencies, exits are on the passengers' left (pointing to an Exit sign) and in case the passenger is hungry, the salads are on their right. (point to another exit sign because the Spanish word for Exit is "Salida").



Richard said to the viewers that they should prevent a terrorist hijacking by alerting a crew member about any minorities they see on the plane. A black guy thought the message was f**ked up.

Deleted Scene #1

After the black guy disagreed the captain, the captain said that it was true and left to get his ass kicked.

Deleted Scene #2

Richard asked if he can get the black guy's number which he refused.


Water Landings

While sitting on two passengers, Richard wears a life vest and was about to tell the viewers about what to do in the event of a water landing, but then started laughing saying that everyone in the plane will die (Which is sometimes not true in real life).



Richard says that at the event when the plane becomes overrun with snakes (Which are fake), the viewers should have a black guy on board to exclaim how tired he is of said snakes which confused the black guy on board.

Deleted Scene

When the black guy got confused, Richard told him that he likes the black guy's hairdo thinking that it's good and runs away.



Richard was drinking a martini while saying to the passengers that smoking isn't allowed in the plane because all planes have very terrible gas leaks and can explode just by someone lighting a match. An old guy got confused by what Richard meant while lighting a match to smoke on a pipe and the entire plane exploded before it left the airport for take off.



After the plane exploded by the pipe, Anthony gasps as he wakes up, Ian tells him if he is ok, and Anthony said he had a vision that the plane exploded by the old guy who lit the match at the pipe (Refrence of the 5 film horror film series Final Destination). Then the cameras come back to Ian and we see him lighting the same pipe and the same lighter, confused, and then the real plane exploding, killing all the passengers in the plane.


Banned Airplane Safety Video/Script


Banned Airplane Safety Video/Gallery



  • When Richard asked a passenger's name, he said Michael Jackson, which is a spoof on the singer, Michael Jackson.
  • This video was filmed on a real Boeing 747-400 at the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos, California.
  • The video was "banned" because in the smoking scene, the explosion on the plane is considered terrorism similar to a car bomb.
    • Another suggestion why this video was "banned" because the terrorism scene could possibly be, to some viewers, a reference to the 9/11 attacks in 2001. As about 2,996 people were killed that day.
  • A 30-second time limit wouldn't be necessary, for most aircrafts have 4 or 6 lavatories.
  • In various scenes, there is a man dressed as a girl with a blonde wig wearing a bikini
  • Stick Figure animation was used in the beginning of the video when the Captain is talking to the fat kid passenger.
  • Salida means exit in Spanish; so there are two emergency exits. Capt. Richard thought the right one has a salad bar.
  • The Snakes scene is a reference the movie Snakes on a Plane
  • During the stick figure part, in Space you can see Wheatley (or the Space Core) from Portal 2, and a Space Telescope, most likely the Hubble Telescope.
  • A plane can't go high enough to break the Earth's atmosphere.
  • This is the second time Anthony uses his hands to make the sex gesture. The first time was in MIME FAIL!. Though it was first seen in Smosh in CRAZY FATASS! (True Story 1).
  • A terrorist can blend in with the surroundings to not look like the minorities.
  • The scene where Anthony wakes up and Ian lights a match and Anthony predicting that will happen, is a reference to Final Destination, where some people dreams about something bad, wakes up, and the dream became real.
  • Richard says that if the plane were to land in water, everyone would die. However, on January 15, 2009, US Airways Flight 1549 landed in the Hudson River in New York where everyone survived.

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