Banh-mi is one of Noodles' offsprings and is the main villain in Season 2 of Oishi High School Battle. In spite and jealousy of Noodles being the cutest animal, he attempts to take over the world by persuading his siblings and children into impregnating Oishi's classmates and attempts to kill Oishi and Noodles.


Noodles - Banh-mi's father. After Noodles impregnates Tara, she gives birth to Banh-mi and the rest of his siblings, in which Tara's face blows off in the process. He grows upset in Face F%#k the World at the fact that whenever he tries to be cute to the classmates, they always mentions Noodles. He even mentions how Noodles is a chump and is suck-up to Oishi and the others. He then persuades his siblings to misbehave to earn some respect and impregnate the faces of Oishi's classmates. In Banh-mi Vs Noodles , Noodles confronts Banh-mi about using the school as a breeding ground, Banh-mi explains that once he kills Noodles, he will finally be the cutest creature in the world, Noodles tells him that he's gone mad and they battle. In Into the Most Adorable Darkness Noodles alongside Oishi battle against Banh-mi and his siblings. Noodles and Oishi wins the battle and leave, but Raif ended up bring him back to life after mistaking him for Noodles. He comes back in Oishi Has Boy Trouble having become less cute, and wearing a Bane mask and outfit. He changes his name to Bane-mi. In Bane-mi Returns, He continue his plans to take over the world by impregnating Oishi classmates and plans to kill Oishi and Noodles, but his plans are foiled when Oishi uses Kawaiimeha Blast killing Banh-mi and his children. In his final words to Noodles, he states that he just wanted to be the cute and poops a "cute marshmallow" right before he dies.


  • Banh-mi is actually the Vietnamese term for bread
  • Banh-mi was the only offspring of Noodles who had blue fur just like him.
  • Banh-mi originally only had a big heart on his belly until in the episode Oishi has Boy Trouble in which he now has small hearts on both his cheeks. 
  • He was originally voiced by DailyGrace from Tara Face to Into the Most Adorable Darkness, and then voiced by Brock Baker, as Bane-mi, from Oishi Has Boy Trouble to The Final Battle.

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