Biggest Zit Ever
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September 21, 2012 (Smosh)
September 23, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, Seymour Tantz, some other guy

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BIGGEST ZIT EVER! is a Smosh video, uploaded on September 21, 2012.

Brief Synopsis: After Anthony gets hired for an acne-cream commercial, he gets a huge zit on his face and has to hide it from the commercial director.


At take 1 of the clear face zit commercial, Anthony splashing water lightly on his face. Seymour Tantz (Ian) the director didn't like it and cut the cameras. Seymour really want Anthony to splash with more pressure. Anthony knows that a lot of people don't really do that, but Seymour thinks they do and demonstrates to Anthony. Anthony feels fine with the director and does what he says. Seymour had crotch pain, was surprised about Anthony's acting skills, and hired him. Seymour told Anthony to come in two days to shoot the video and to not get a zit on his face. Anthony felt crept out, but felt fine and Seymour told Anthony that he'll be watching him while looking like he has the sniffles.

Anthony wrote this in his diary:

Dear Man Journal,
I landed my first commercial role today. What should I do to celebrate?

Anthony decided to have a Pizza facial. He starts slapping pepperoni pizza on his face and even combines two slices together to form a pizza beard. He also played peek-a-boo saying, "Peek-a-boo, I see pizza!" Hours later, Anthony felt tired and took off the pizza slice covering his zit and realized about it by looking at the mirror and screaming. When the doorbell rang, Anthony sees Seymour still with the sniffles through the hole and opens the door, hiding his zit with a house plant.

Seymour asked Anthony if he had a break out and knows he had a pizza facial last night. Anthony wanted to know how he knew and the director claims that it's confidential.

In a flashback to last night, Seymour was filming Anthony in his pizza facial and thought it was hot.

Back in the present day, Anthony says that his skin is clear and the director reminds him to have the clearest skin possible for the shoot before jokingly threatening to kill him. Anthony closes the door before the director somehow appears behind him, saying that he'll check on Anthony later. After that, Anthony writes on his diary:

I need to get rid of this zit fast! Who do I know that was a total loser in high school that had a lot of experiences with terrible zits?

While Ian lustfully looks at a picture of Hatsune Miku on his computer, Anthony busts in and asks Ian for advice when he suddenly asks what Ian was doing with a Hatsune Miku picture, but Ian asks what Anthony was doing with a diary. Anthony throws the diary aside and asks Ian if he had experience with zits. Ian defensively denies, but Anthony shows Ian's yearbook photo, with Ian filled with zits and says, "Most Likely to Die a Virgin". Ian refuses to help, but Anthony offers to be his friend. Ian points out that they already are, but Anthony says that they aren't. Ian is at first sad, but then offers to help Anthony anyway.

At the back of a SEGA Enterprises building, Ian tells Anthony to break into the back door and steal a cardboard cutout. Anthony is confused, but Ian pushes him to make Anthony do the task. Anthony successfuly breaks in and brings back a cardboard cutout of Hatsune Miku. Anthony complains that the cutout is a bit sticky, but Ian takes it anyway. Anthony grows confused and asks how does stealing a Hatsune Miku cardboard cutout help Anthony with his zit. Ian says that it won't before taking the cardboard cutout home with him.

Anthony still doesn't know how to get rid of his zit when the doorbell rings. Anthony looks into the hole to see Seymour, picking his nose and eating a booger before spitting it out. Anthony decides to answer the door, but this time disguised as his grandmother. Anthony tells Seymour that he doesn't have any zits at all, having Seymour relieved. However, Seymour sees that Anthony is an "old sexy woman version of Anthony." Anthony grows disgusted and takes off the disguise, Seymour complaining being cock blocked. Anthony argues that he's a guy, but Seymour doesn't care. Anthony is still disgusted and as a result, is fired. Anthony was about to tell Ian that he got fired when he catches Ian having sex with the cardboard cutout of Hatsune Miku. Ian just shrugs before continuing his humping, but not before checking off "NOT DIE A VIRGIN" on his "Things to do before I die" list.

Alternate Scene #1

Seymour says to Anthony that he would kill Anthony. He thought Anthony would get it because he would kill Anthony over a commercial and starts laughing while Anthony closes the door. The director told Anthony if he doesn't look that hot, he would "f**king kill" Anthony.

Alternate Scene #2

Seymour wants Anthony to put back the wig on to see the new Katy Perry movie.




  • Ian used a quote in his yearbook that is the same person in the Smosh Pit representing HOW TO CHEAT ON YOUR GIRLFRIEND! ("So, this is my power... but what is my purpose?"-Mewtwo)
    • The clubs Ian was in were the chess club and the anime lovers club.
      • The extended version of the quote would be, "So this is my power. I am in control now. But why am I here? Now I fully proceed my power, but what is my purpose?"
    • There's more weird stuff around Ian's photo and other photos in the yearbook that you have to pause the video to read.
  • Ian also has these goals in his checklist:
    • Lick a hobo. (Complete)
    • Play hide-a-go-seek with a polar bear.
    • Kick every member of ONE DIRECTION in the taint. (Complete)
    • Watch every episode of STAR WARS in a row.
    • Skydive naked.
    • Eat Gummie Bears off of LL Cool J's abs. (Complete)
    • Arm wrestle a deaf guy.

(He completed 4 of them including the goal of not dying as a virgin.)

  • This is Anthony's second hair flip when a person's ovaries explode. The time first was MY NEW EMO HAIR!.
  • In this video, it is the second time Anthony wears the Awesome Shirt. The first time was in STUCK IN A TOILET!, where it is important in the video and is available on
  • Anthony's actual first commercial pole was in A Hairy Situation w/ Billy Mays.
  • Ian ticked the Not Dying a Virgin box with his left hand. He is right-handed.
  • This was the first Smosh video to feature Hatsune Miku. Also, most comments in this video seem to mention this character more than any other things.
  • In the clapboard, you could see the words "Hobo Joe" (The guy from "HOMELESS MILLIONAIRE!")
  • Anthony's "man-journal" is backwards. (The word DIARY is on the back instead of the front)

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