Best Toy Ever!


August 19, 2011

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BEST TOY EVER! is a Smosh video uploaded on August 19, 2011.


Ian brings a Happy Cow toy home. Anthony is convinced he's too mature to play with such a little kid's toy.


As Anthony is playing a game on the Wii, Ian comes home singing while holding a Happy Cow toy. Anthony asks Ian what the toy does, but he wishes he never did when he finds out that it has attachable wings so it flies everywhere. Anthony thinks the toy's stupid and he leaves, which leaves Ian sad & confused.

Later that night, Ian has the toy fly above Anthony while he's sleeping. Anthony tells Ian that the toy's only for little kids, making Ian call Anthony a mean friend and run off crying. Anthony gives up and decides to let Ian play with the Happy Cow, much to his excitement.


Anthony getting sick of the Happy Cow, with Ian riding him like a horse and making whinnying noises whilst holding the Happy Cow

For the next few days, Ian begs Anthony to play with the Happy Cow with him, but he won't, even with the annoying Happy Cow flying around him. Ian's been letting Happy Cow fly around Anthony's head, letting it fly around Anthony while he's driving, and he even gives the Happy Cow a shave. Later, Anthony starts to notice that Ian's been lacking sleep becuase he's addicted to the Happy Cow toy, saying that he must always play. When Ian even lets the Happy Cow fly around Anthony when he's on the toilet, Anthony's had enough; he then throws the toy in the trash and tells Ian that he's not a little kid anymore, making Ian run away crying. As Anthony continues doing his business, Anthony hears the Happy Cow toy talking from the trash. The cow hypnotizes Anthony to play with him and Anthony's sucked into its trance.

Now, Anthony's the one who loves Happy Cows and plays with it wherever he goes (because of him being under its trance). He plays with it so much that he's become just as addicted to it as Ian, with the Happy Cow telling him to play with him. But it seems like trouble when Ian catches Anthony in a cow costume playing with the toy. The boys become shocked and quiet for 10 seconds as they make silly expressions. But actually, Ian just wants to play with Anthony, and the two joyfully play with their Happy Cow together (with Ian also wearing a cow costume).


Then, after a series of random pictures going back very fast, it cuts to Happy Cow saying, "PLAY WITH MEEEE!" and showing X-Ray versions on Ian and Anthony, with Happy Cow's face on the front of the "HAPPY COW" logo. A voice is then heard saying, "Happy Cow! Available in stores now!".


(The Happy Cow background music plays after the lyrics above)

Happy Cow, Happy Cow, everywhere you go

Happy Cow, Happy Cow, take it to and fro

Happy Cow, Happy Cow, follows you all day

Happy Cow, Happy Cow, play, play, play, play!

Happy Cow, Happy Cow, better than the rest

'Cause Happy Cow is the best!

(Pause break with Ian, Happy Cow, and Anthony eating breakfast)

Happy Cow, Happy Cow, never goes away
Happy Cow, Happy Cow, you must always play
Happy Cow, Happy Cow, you'll never be bored
Happy Cow, Happy Cow, never be ignored

Happy Cow, Happy Cow, steals your will to live
Happy Cow, Happy Cow, your eternal soul you'll give

Script (excluding song)

Best Toy Ever!/Script

Shut Up! Opening

Oh my God! Can you get me a toy?! PLEEEASE??? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE?? SHUT UP!

Subscription Ending

Thanks for subscribing! ...Oh. Oh. H-- hi there, little cow! (You can hear Happy Cow saying, "PLAY WITH MEEEE!") What-- what-- what are you doing?! What are you--?! (A glass window breaks) AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! NO!!! AAAHH--

Epic Face Battle 2011

In the extras on the Smosh website, there was an Epic Face Battle 2011. It featured several pictures of Ian and Anthony in their cow costumes making silly faces, competing who makes the silliest face.

Trivia / Goofs

  • When Ian walks in on Anthony playing with Happy Cow in a cow costume, the scene transpires similar to that of "Smosh Shorts: Dolls" when they pause for 10 seconds staring at each other, making expressions.
    • After Anthony got caught by Ian play with dolls/toys in this video and "Smosh Shorts: Dolls", later Ian wants to join. This kind of scene also similiar with "EPIC TEENY BATTLE!", when Freddie Wong caught Smosh with MysteryGuitarMan play with dolls, and later join them.
  • The Wii game that Anthony was playing at the beginning is most likely Mario Party 8. Shake It Up has the exact same motion control that Anthony did in the video. The sound effects were added to reference the mini-game's suggestive-looking controls.
    • Oddly enough, the Super Smash Bros. Brawl announcer voice was used over Mario Party 8's.
  • The cow suits are the ones similar to them seen in "HOW TO DUMP YOUR GIRLFRIEND!".
  • The rapid paced "subliminal" montage of pictures at the end (listed in order) are as follows:
  1. Man with pied face (supposedly Ian) (notice how the cream from the pie sort of forms a creepy face)
  2. Killer Pikachu
  3. Conrad Pooh's Dancing Teeth (from Monty Python)
  4. Kitties fighting (the right is jumping in midair)
  5. Trollface
  6. Baby face
  7. Bigfoot and a Playboy magazine (from "Bigfoot is Gay")
  8. Thomas the Tank Engine making the surprised O expression
  9. Crying baby
  10. A "Happy 2nd Birthday" Elmo cake with slices of Elmo's face cut off
  11. a close-up of Pedobear's face
  12. Spilled milk
  13. Mario kicking Luigi's balls in Garry's Mod (Or GMod)
  14. The Scream painting
  15. a Spengbab-like still frame (from the episode "The Algae's Always Greener')
  16. Cat with sunbeam blasting from the mouth (maybe mistaken for a laser)
  17. Dr. Frank-N-Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  18. Ian with hot chicks (episode not verified)
  19. Santa's sleigh with prancing Michael Ceras as reindeer
  20. An explosion (appears to have been drawn with a computer)
  21. A baby in a banana butterfly costume
  22. A sign that reads "VISIT THE SMOSH STORE" written in a stylized font with a cow decoration
  23. (After Happy Cow says, "PLAY WITH MEEEE!") A ninja / hebrew star drawn in blood with either a goat or the devil in the center of the star
  • In the scenes where Ian's flying Happy Cow around Anthony while he's sleeping, Happy Cow's on a string (like the airplanes that hang on a kid's ceiling and fly around, with a string attached to them).
  • The Happy Cow ad at the end has a gray version of Ian and Anthony, which was done with the White On Black setting on the iPhone (3G & 3Gs), iPhone 4, and iPad 2.
  • The picture of star with a goat or the devil while Happy Cow says PLAY WITH MEEEE! could mean that Happy Cow was a toy from Hell.



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