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October 5, 2012 (Smosh)
October 7, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, Anthony's Dad, Rita Repulsa, Alpha 5, Zordon, Evil Animal Rangers, two people out on a picnic, an old man, the news lady, other people

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BADASS NEW POWER RANGERS is a Smosh video uploaded on October 5, 2012.

Brief Syponsis: Rita Repulsa is back and the only people who could stop her are Anthony, his dad, and Ian.


While a couple was having a picnic, Rita Repulsa has arisen after ten thousand of imprisonment, she decides to conquer Earth while the couple were running away. The woman didn't like her ruining the date and Rita destroys her with her magic staff.

Ian and Anthony were watching Angel Grove Breaking News hearing that Rita is destroying the city and is ruining everyone's day which they thought were cool. Anthony's dad wanted his son to take out the trash, but Anthony was watching the news. So Anthony's dad apologized to him in an uncool way he thought was cool. Anthony was confused with his father and heard more about the news saying that everyone is dying and it sucks balls as the news lady gets destroyed by Rita.

At the headquarters, Alpha 5 noticed the city is being destroyed and Zordon recruit a group of teenagers with an attitude to defend Earth. Alpha picked Ian and Anthony to be the heroes which Ian is seen picking his anus while sniffing his finger and doing it again. Anthony is seen changing the channel. Zordon thought they were "f***ing losers", but accepted them anyway.

Anthony's dad brings pizza rolls, which Ian and Anthony want, but the three get transported to the headquarters (the pizza rolls being transported to Zordon's mouth in the process). Zordon questions why Anthony's dad is here calling him old, but he tries to prove he's hip by saying he listens to One Direction and Skrillex (pronouncing it as Schoolix) which made Anthony embarrassed and Zordon calling him a "f***ing idiot". Zordon says the three of them will have to do. Ian asks if their going to become Power Ranger, but Zordon says that power rangers don't exist, and instead the three will become Power Animal Rangers. Anthony finds it lame, but his father thinks it's neat and asks what to do first. Zordon instructs the three to meditate hard, and think of their power animal. Once they get the animal, they'll use its powers to conquer evil. Anthony gets the cat, Ian gets the pig, and Anthony's dad gets the chihuahua (mistaking it for a rat thing) which Zordon had to correct him. The three are given t-shirts with their animals on it, but Anthony asks what they're going to do with the powers. Zordon doesn't have an answer because he's just some floating head and teleports them to the park. Alpha wants to know if the three will defeat Rita, but Zordon thinks that they are "totally f***ed".

At the park, Rita is still destroying things and the three guys try to stop her. Rita then shows them that she has Power Animal Rangers of her own. The first ranger (Ernesto S. Bustos) has cow powers which can make him have a loud moo. The second one (Travis Zeiler) has rabbit powers with a extreme humping attack which the heroes found weird. The third ranger (Jason Michael Fong) is a cock and he can "f***" (which is part of one definition of a cock). The first enemy has to correct him, saying that he described the "wrong kind of cock". Anthony decides to use their powers for use. Anthony has kitty scratch ability, Ian has pig eating attack, and Anthony's dad has a chihuahua ankle biting attack. They all start to charge at each other and attack by Anthony scratching the cock ranger, Ian eating the cow ranger's shoulder while he is mooing, and the father biting the rabbit ranger's ankle while he is humping. An old man saw the fight, even the part where Anthony chases the cock ranger around and thought they were freaking bathsalts. The three heroes defeated the other rangers and Rita grew fifty stories tall using her spear to not be defeated. Zordon tells the boys to unleash their Megazord to defeat her. Ian didn't realize that and Anthony questioned why they couldn't use it in the first place to crush everyone. Zordon answered by saying that it would only be two minutes long and tells them to call the Megazord which they agree.

The Megazord is the same as the original one except the cat and chihuahua are the forearms and the pig is a penis. They decided to fight which brought fear to Rita, but Anthony noticed the pig was suppose to be attached to the head. The father decided to wiggle it off and they destroyed a few skyscrapers. Rita teased the heroes for not knowing how to use their Megazord. Anthony wanted the pig off the robot's d*ck which Ian is trying to. As many times as they kept shaking and Rita that she can't be defeated. The pig attack her face when moved and she fainted while crushing her power animal rangers. Anthony was excited that they kill Rita, Ian said thanks to his c*ck slapping ability, and Anthony's father said something to try to sound cool, which ultimately didn't.

Back at the headquarters, Zordon congratulated the Power Animal Rangers on saving the city. Ian thanked Zordon for believing in them which Zordon never really did, but Alpha believed in Anthony while rubbing his breast. Anthony felt grossed out saying that he isn't into robots. Alpha said that he's not a robot, but a midget. Anthony says that he is into midgets and the five of the them start laughing.

Deleted Scene

Zordon wants to know what Anthony's dad is doing. He also said that he said to meditate; not do some "day-ass" yoga. Anthony's dad apologized to him, but called him Zorro. Zordon responded, "It's Zordon; bitch."




  • This is the fourth appearance of the actor of Anthony's dad. His first was in SELLING OUT!?, the second appearance second IPhone 5 REVEALED, but as Billy's dad and the third was FOOD BATTLE 2012 ANNOUNCEMENT! but as a mailman.
  • This is the fifth time they use the Power Rangers. The first was Power Rangers Theme, The second was Mighty Smoshin POWER RANGERS, the third was, If Kids Shows Were Real. and the fourth was I SUCK AT DRAW SOMETHING!.
  • At the time this video was uploaded, Nickelodeon aired Power Rangers Super Samurai before the Worldwide Day of Play.
  • While Zordon and Alpha 5 saw Ian and Anthony from the orb watching TV, Anthony was flipping through channels while Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and Rockoo's Modern Life can be heard.
  • As revealed in the bloopers, one of the crew members was wearing the Awesome Shirt from STUCK IN A TOILET!
  • During the news report, the banner below the reporter reads "... while authorities properly assess the level of this threat. We're not gonna lie. Out of all the ways we thought we'd go out in 2012, "space witch" was not in our betting ..." "... against something like this? Although I have to admit, this witch is kind of sexy. I'm not saying I'd try anything with her, but I bet she's be into some pretty kinky stuff, right ..."
  • Continuity Error: Anthony's dad comes from the hallway to the bedrooms with a full plate of cooked pizza rolls even though the kitchen is next to the hallway.
  • Anthony's dad cooking Pizza Rolls is a reference to TEENS IN THE WILD!.
  • This video marks Travis Zeiler's latest appearance in the franchise. He has yet to appear in another video.

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Ian: Thanks for subscribing.

Midget: I'm a midget.

Ian: Dude seriously you are creeping me out!

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(Putty noises) SHUT UP!



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