Axe Murderer

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January 19, 2007
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Axe Murderer is a Smosh video uploaded on January 19, 2007.

Brief Synopsis: Ian thinks an axe murderer is going to kill him.


Ian is playing a violent N64 video game when the doorbell rings. He opens the door to see who it is, only to find a scary-looking man holding an axe. Ian freaks out, slams and locks the door, and tries to call 911, but fails to do so. On the first attempt, his phone directs him to a guy named Kyle, who tells him a story about a girl named Katie who made out with a guy named Chris at a party the previous night. At first, Ian tells Kyle he can't talk at the moment, but when he hears the news, he listens to the story and gives his input. The second time, his phone directs him to a girl named Emily, who tries to tell Ian the same story. The third time, the phone dials 917 instead of 911. Ian gives up on calling 911 when the man with the axe finds a spare key under the door mat. Ian has no choice but to hide from the man, so he goes into his room and hides under his desk. He also puts two chairs and a blanket in front of the desk and hopes the man will not find him. However, the axe-wielding man breaks down Ian's door and immediately discovers him hiding under the desk. The man is revealed to be Anthony, and he hands the axe to Ian, saying, "I have to go through this crap every time I try to return something to you and I'm getting sick of it. Oh, did you hear about Katie?" Ian replies, "Yeah, she's a skank!"


  • The door to Ian's room has no lock, but Anthony acts like it does.
  • At one point while talking to Kyle, Ian closes his phone, but in the next scene, he is talking on it again.
  • This video was remade in one of the Ian is Bored episodes ("Dolls & Axe Murderers"), but Anthony played Ian's role and Ian played Anthony's role.
  • This video takes place in Anthony's house.


Shut Up! Opening

*Horror Movie Music* SHUT UP!



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