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Packing up for Ms. Frizzle

Arnold is a character from Adult Magic School Bus. He is the adult verison of Arnold Perlstein from The Magic School Bus. He is portrayed by Noah Grossman.

Adult Magic School Bus

Arnold and the class are back together after picking up Carlos. Still entranced by Ms. Frizzle, Arnold does not mind being stuck curled up on the floor of the Hyundai and continues smiling as the vehicle takes the group to their destination. The group goes to "Ms. Frizzle's House" as Ms. Frizzle talks about gravity. Arnold and his class then start packing up Mrs. Frizzle's stuff until Ms. Frizzle's ex-husband Mr. Frizzle and his girlfriend show up. The class then leaves the house and Ms. Frizzle plans on using the Magic Hyundai to end her husband's life. Arnold did not go along with the idea, so he was "dead and buried".


Arnold's burial location

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