You're going down brother! Oh yeah! ...SHUT UP!

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Arm Wrestling TO THE DEATH
Arm Wrestling TO THE DEATH


July 18, 2010

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Characters featured:

Anthony, Ian, El Gringo Blanco

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Arm Wrestling TO THE DEATH is a Smosh video uploaded on July 16, 2010. Anthony and Ian compete with each other, but Anthony has to put up with Ian's cheating ways.


Ian and Anthony are sitting on a table, when Ian suggests that the loser has to rub the winner's back, while Anthony says that it's gay. Ian then suggests that the loser has to rub the winner's feet, only for Anthony to declare it's "gayer." Ian suggests that the loser has to lube the other person's dichroscope. Anthony is confused, so Ian explains that a dichroscope is "an instrument for examining the color properties of crystals." Ian says that it's either the loser lubing the other person's dichroscope or drinking poison. Anthony agrees on the loser drinking poison.

Ian and Anthony start to arm wrestle to see who has to drink the poison. However, as Anthony appears to have the upper hand, Ian drinks something inside a pink cup out of a straw and suddenly beats Anthony. Anthony pleads for best two out of three. Ian wins again while drinking out of the cup, only for Anthony to say best three out of five. Ian wins yet again while drinking, making Anthony plead best 401 out of 800. Ian tells Anthony to accept the fact that he won, but Anthony says that it's only because Ian had World Champion Wrestler El Gringo Blanco helping him. Though he was pulling on a rope tied to Ian's wrist, El Gringo Blanco says that he barely helped. Anthony saying he has the word "cheater" written all over him. Ian denies this, only to show that the word "Cheater" is written all over him. Anthony suggests that they settle it with a foot race.

The rules are that whoever gets to the electronic motion activated talking Fabio standup last has to drink the poison. As Ian and Anthony get ready to race, El Gringo Blanco shoots a gun to the ceiling, which spooks Ian and Anthony because it is loaded, until El Gringo Blanco tells them to go. Ian and Anthony start running, with Anthony getting the upper hand. However, when Anthony gets to the Fabio stand up, Ian is already there. Anthony asks how, Ian responds skill, speed, magic, and a Power Glove. Ian and Anthony begin arguing how Ian beat Anthony while Anthony was in the lead, but couldn't because the Fabio standup kept interrupting them by saying, "I want to sex you up." Ian has enough and tells the Fabio to shut the hell up.

El Gringo Blanco runs in and beats up the Fabio stand up. The wrestler shouts, "That'll teach you to f*** with my best friends!" Anthony gets confused and Ian says they don't even know him. El Gringo Blanco then runs off crying. Ian now says that Anthony has to drink the poison and he holds up the pink cup with the weird straw to Anthony. Ian sees that it's empty, while Anthony asks if it's the same cup Ian was drinking out of earlier. Ian says that he wouldn't be stupid enough to drink the poison, only to fall on the floor and die next to the Fabio stand up, who says, "I want to sex you up" once more.


  • You can obviously see Ian did drink from the poison cup while arm wrestling.
  • The cardboard Fabio standee from Male Model appears, but this time it talks. It is later seen in The Rarest Pokemon Card!
  • Before the end, Ian mentions he used Teleporting Fat Guy's Power Glove.
  • El Gringo Blanco's line: "That'll teach you to f**k with my best friends!" was said by Ian in an earlier episode; A Very Hairy Situation w/ Billy Mays
  • The teddy that appeared in KILLER TEDDY BEAR! makes a cameo appearance in this episode. You can obviously see it most visibly at 1:08.

Subscription Ending

(Fabio) Thanks for subscribing. And if you subscribe, I want to sex you up.



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