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Anthony is Mexican
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May 1, 2009 (Smosh)

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Anthony, Ian, Lollipop Dude

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Anthony's Resurrection

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Anthony is Mexican is a Smosh video uploaded on May 1, 2009. Anthony suddenly has an epiphany and thinks he is Mexican.


Anthony and Ian are in a hospital, with Anthony who had apparently been stabbed in the neck. He notices that Ian is wearing a belt with the Union Jack on it, and asks him why he is wearing it. Ian says that it is to "celebrate his heritage," as his Aunt is British. Anthony calls the idea stupid, but then notices that everyone else in the room are wearing things that celebrate their heritage (notably a man in African clothes licking a lollipop). A nurse comes in and calls for Anthony, pronouncing his last name as 'Pad-ee-ya' instead of 'Pad-il-la'. Ian says that because Anthony has two Ls in his last name, making a Y sound, his last name is Spanish. This makes Anthony believe that he is Mexican, and he runs out of the hospital via a fire exit.

Later, Ian is about to play Super Head Esploder 5 when he gets hungry. He goes to the fridge and finds only some oranges, which he mistakenly calls vegetables. He goes to a Mexican restaurant and finds Anthony working there as a waiter. Believing he is Mexican, he is calling himself 'Antonio' and speaks in a poor Mexican accent. After an argument between the two, the resturant manager comes up and asks "if everything is all right." Anthony says that Ian was just leaving, and does so as well, following him.

Later, Ian is playing Super Head Esploder 5 and does very well at it, as he exploded 581 heads. When it is Player 2's turn, Ian realizes that there is no Player 2 and runs off crying. As Ian drives to the nearest strip club, he spots Anthony selling strawberries in the street. He goes up to Anthony andtells him that he is performing an act of racism. As Anthony leaves, Ian says to him "You don't know any Spanish! You only took one Spanish class in school and you failed it!" in fluent Spanish. Anthony grabs a translator book from a Mexican guy in a car; hastily reading from it, he says, "My donkey is river waffle big sausage fat."before getting into the guy's car and driving off. The man with the lollipop randomly shows up before Ian runs home crying.

A music video of a song called 'Anthony's Gone' plays, showing how Ian is sad about Anthony being gone and tries to play Super Head Exploder 5 with a Anthony blow up doll; while Anthony is being abused being Mexican and runs into the man with the lollipop.

As Ian writes down his list on why Anthony is dead to him, Anthony returns and says that he is not Mexican after all. When Ian asks Anthony what he is, Anthony says that he's black. Ian is confused before noticing the man with the lollipop.


Anthony is Mexican/Script

Anthony's Gone Lyrics

Whoa, Ian's sad
He lost his friend
Who is now a Mexican, oh yeah
He's eating ice cream
Whoa, what the hell is that!?
I'm thinking it's a blow-up doll

Now look at Anthony
He's got a taco in his hat
That guy thinks he's fat
And by fat I mean the P-H-A-T version of that
Whoa, it's that creepy guy again
That lollipop looks tasty.


  • Some of the celebrities seen in Super Head Esploder 5 were Susan Boyle, Simon Cowell, and Fred.
  • During the "Anthony's Gone" part, Ian lists 5 reason why "Anthony is dead to [him]". They are:
    1. He never talks to me anymore
    2. He never plays Super Head Esploder 5 with me
    3. He's a Communist
    4. He caused the recession
    5. Not written due to Anthony coming back to Ian



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