Anthony Poses for Playgirl!?!
April 1, 2010
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Anthony Poses for Playgirl

Anthony Poses for Playgirl!?!

Anthony Poses for Playgirl!?! is Smosh's 2010 April Fools video, having been released exactly on April 1, 2010.


The video begins with Ian throwing a fit as he jumps up and down. Ian then calms down and tells the viewers that he has some "pretty weird news." He tells the viewers that Anthony isn't going to be in Smosh for a couple of months, because Anthony accepted the offer for a Playgirl shoot a couple of months ago. Ian then explains that Anthony's going around the world promoting his calendar and doing exotic dances at clubs. He then shows the viewers the Playgirl magazine he's going to be in and tells the viewers that if they want to buy the photos from the photoshoot or buy one of his "gross, practically naked calendars" he shows them a link to the Smosh website. All of this while random clips of Ian throwing a tantrum about it were shown.


  • This is so far the only April Fools' video where one of the boys pranks the other.
  • Smosh's April Fools' traditions would be continued two years later with Smosh On The News!


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