Anthony Gets a Haircut
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April 7, 2007

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Anthony Gets a Haircut is a Smosh video uploaded on April 7, 2007.


Anthony wants to get a date with a girl who only likes boys with short hair.


Anthony is talking on the phone with lan, telling him about a girl named Emily turning him down six times. lan says that he'll find out why she won't go out with him, and when he does, he runs to Anthony's house to tell him everything he knows. lan arrives in a matter of three seconds and tells Anthony that he hid in Emily's tree and overheard that she only likes guys who have short hair. So Anthony asks lan to cut his hair for him. lan agrees, but says he needs training.

lan starts his training by: running with scissors, doing sit-ups with scissors, push-ups, cut-punching, balancing on a fire hydrant, snipping a bush, running over a rock with scissors, pretending the scissors are weights, cutting the hair of a Cabbage Patch Kid, and finally, running up the steps of Town Hall. Four years of training later, he returns to Anthony.

lan tells Anthony that he's ready, and he starts the haircut. After various snips in random places, lan finally finishes the haircut. He hands Anthony a mirror and asks him what he thinks. At first, Anthony looks disgusted, but he tells Ian that he thinks it's beautiful. So beautiful, that he even starts to cry. Anthony then asks lan to do one last thing for him: call Emily. lan calls Emily's dad and gives the phone to Anthony, but when Anthony asks for permission to date his daughter, Emily's dad tells him that Emily got married two years ago. He also says that Ian was at the wedding. Anthony asks if Emily's dad has any other daughters by any chance, but Emily's Dad hangs up. lan comes back into the room to laugh at Anthony's haircut, which lan thinks looks like Dawn E. Ozmande. Anthony does an impression of Ozmande, but lan leaves with a blank stare on his face.


  • When lan faces Town Hall and turns around while the camera pans, his armpit hair is showing.
  • Clips from Anthony's haircut are reused in Anthony's thought balloon in I LOST MY HAIR!
  • This episode ends with credits, which credit Short Hair Anthony as Dawn E. Ozmande.

Shut Up! Opening

Geez you guys need to cut your little friggin' emo hippie hair off. SHUT UP!


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