Anthony Gets Engaged
Anthony Gets Engaged


January 29, 2010

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Ian, Anthony, his grandmother, cowboy, shop owner, two hobos, police officer, priest, Maggie, other people (cameo)

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Anthony Gets Engaged is a Smosh video uploaded on January 29, 2010.

Brief Synopsis: Anthony tries to propose to his girlfriend, but one thing leads to another when he is accused of stealing someone's ice cream.


Anthony (wearing a tuxedo) calls his girlfriend and tells her to go to the place where they first met. Ian is watching TV, and Anthony walks in. Seeing that he has a tuxedo on, Ian asks where he's going before calling him "Mr. Fancy Tux McGayerson." Anthony tells him that he's going to propose to his girlfriend Maggie. Ian asks, "Maggie as in the girl you met a month ago?" Anthony dismisses his comment by saying, "We're in love, ok? Don't be jealous." Ian wishes him good luck getting rejected.

Anthony is waiting a a comic book store, and a cowboy (Ian) tells Anthony to hold his ice cream. Anthony is confused, but doesn't have time to ask questions, as the cowboy leaves the store with no explanation. The ice cream starts to melt in his hands, and Anthony tries to keep his tux clean by licking the melted ice cream. The ice cream falls off the cone and lands on the floor.

The cowboy comes in and sees that the ice cream is gone, and accuses Anthony of eating it. Anthony tries to tell him what happened, but the cowboy doesn't believe him. A hobo in the store calls Anthony "a disgrace to America," and then a police man tells Anthony that he owes the cowboy an ice cream, unless Anthony wants the police man to take him downtown. He adds that it wasn't a sexual reference. A priest then comes in and tells Anthony to admit to his sins. Anthony still tries to explain to them that he didn't eat the ice cream, but the priest says to the cowboy, "Someone's going to hell."

Anthony's grandma comes in and says that she's very disappointed in him. Then, the Tux shop owner comes in and takes Anthony's tuxedo, saying that they don't rent out their tuxedos to jerks. Anthony's grandma says that when she dies, she's leaving everything to his sister, including her dog, Kevin Bacon. Anthony is outraged that nobody believes him, and exclaims, "Where are you guys even coming from?!" The cowboy says that Anthony owes him $0.50, and another hobo says that he found a briefcase with a million dollars in it. He was going to share it, but refuses since Anthony's an "ice cream stealing bastard." Then he calls him a vile creature.

Maggie comes in and, at first, Anthony is relieved. But Maggie slaps Anthony and yells at him for eating the cowboy's ice cream. Anthony says it's just a big misunderstanding, but Maggie doesn't believe it and dumps him. Anthony gives up and gives the cowboy $0.50, but the cowboy says that he now owes him a dollar, since he wants to take Maggie out for ice cream. Anthony gives up and throws his wallet on the ground and gives the ring to the cowboy.

The cowboy takes Maggie out and everyone starts to leave, but not before the priest whispers to Anthony, "You're still going to hell." The green sweatered hobo takes Anthony's wallet. The hobo with the breifcase confesses that he doesn't have money in the briefcase. He opens it up to reveal that it's just his rock collection. As Anthony leaves, the police officer starts to explain that his "downtown" remark was not a sexual reference, unless Anthony's interested.

Back at home, Ian asks Anthony if he "popped the question." Anthony says yes, and the police officer pops up behind him, commentig on how beautiful the ring is.

Alternate Ending

The cowboy takes Maggie out and everyone starts to leave, but not before the priest whispers to Anthony, "You're still going to hell." However, a guy comes in and tells Anthony that he's been the victim of a prank for a hidden camera show, I'm An Idiot. Anthony asks if everything is fake, including the cowboy taking Maggie out. During this, the cowboy proposes to Maggie, in which she says yes. The cowboy exclaims that love at first sight really does exist, and then they run away together. The guy says that that part's real before asking Anthony to sign a talent release. An angry Anthony signs the release under the name "Justin Bieber", but signed it as "Justin Beiber". The guy believes that Anthony is really Justin Bieber, and asks him to autograph his nipple.


  • Anthony gave the ring to the cowboy, but at home, the police officer has the ring as if Anthony never gave it away.
  • In the alternate ending, Justin Bieber's name is spelled, "Justin Beiber".
  • The priest should know that Anthony is telling the truth, unless he is a fake priest or he simply hates Anthony.
  • In reality, anyone is allowed to rent tuxedos, as long as they are returned by the due date.

Shut Up! Opening

"*Wedding music* SHUT UP!"



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