AnthonyTwerks is one of the many Smosh-affiliated channels on YouTube. It was created on September 26th, 2013 to correspond with the release of My Twerking Addiction.

The Channel

Like PissedOffDad1969 and Ianthecutecat, the channel was created to correspond with another Smosh video. Mainly, a video on YouTube seen within a Smosh video (like Ianthecutecat's THE CUTEST CAT EVER), made to exist in real life.

The channel itself has no Icon, whle the banner is a generic gray box-pixel one. Many users have commented on the channel in shock that the video really exists. The "About" section reads simply: "TWERK TEAM 4 LYFE" while the main Smosh channel, IanH (Smosh 2nd Channel), SmoshGames, and Anthony & Kalel's WatchUsLiveAndStuff channel are tagged below it. As well, the channel only has one video, which is Twerk Out, the video with Anthony and two girls twerking to funky music, and has over 415,000 views.

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