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AnthonyPadilla is Anthony Padilla's main YouTube channel created November 28, 2006. Since his departure from Smosh he vowed to upload videos every Monday and Friday but due to him not wanting to get burnt out and giving low quality content to his audience, he has promised to make a video only once a week; every Friday.


Before November 2012, he was using this channel very rarely, but for a short while, he uploaded videos every week. His videos normally consisted of mini-vlogs and random things he did when he and Ian are not making Smosh videos (like carving pumpkins, playing Bop-It, unboxing the Wii-U, etc). After he and his former fiancé, Kalel, created their own vlog channel named WatchUsLiveAndStuff, he stopped uploading videos on his channel. On Kalel and his final WULAS video together, he stated that he might start posting videos on his channel again but this was a big might. Sometime after his breakup with Kalel, he deleted most videos that contained her. Most pre-2016 videos have been deleted off the channel, as well minus "4 Hour Editing Timelapse", "This is a lot for me to talk about" and "LOLCOMMENTS". It is unknown why those other videos were deleted.

Anthony started to upload randomly but frequently in 2016 and from there until his departure from Smosh, he was answering many people's comments.

He now has a set schedule for his channel since it is now his main channel after becoming an independent creator. Videos were initially released every Monday and Friday but now only Friday as he feels him being overly ambitious would decrease the quality of his content, basically him not wanting to put quantity over quality on his newly consistent channel.

He doesn't answer comments on his videos nearly as much as he used to because of him being more active on a channel which literally doubled in subscriber and view count shortly after he left Smosh. He does it on occasion though. He now uploads mostly sketches; as he done on Smosh rather than vlogs which he used to do on this channel prior to leaving Smosh.

Video List

All the videos Anthony Padilla uploaded on his personal YouTube channel before leaving Smosh.


The video is 3 seconds long when Anthony spins in his chair making faces. This video has been deleted.

There we go

The video is 1 second long when it looks like Anthony is trying to explain something but the video is to speeded up you can't hear it. This video has been deleted.

Breakdance mothaf**ka

Anthony breakdances and it is the only video without bleeps. This video has been deleted.

This is video?

The video is 4 seconds long where Anthony was trying to take a picture of him with a fat arm (special effects) but it ends up to be a video. This video has been deleted.


Anthony reads the comments from "Breakdance mothaf**ka."

Bright Eyes - Lover I Don't Have to Love

This is an animation Anthony made in 2004 but did not finish. This video has been deleted.

This is a lot for me to talk about

Anthony explains about his belt.


Anthony pretends that he sees an alien. This video has been deleted.

Fatass dog

The video is only 15 seconds long when he films a fat dog. This video has been deleted.

Biggest dog I ever seen

Anthony calls a horse a big dog. This video has been deleted.


Anthony makes a scary face. This video has been deleted.


Anthony messes up his hair a few times and at the end, he puts on a wig. This video has been deleted.


Anthony makes a vlog then crashes his car. This video has been deleted.

Ch-Ch AH!

This was made in the making of EPIC TEENY BATTLE! and Anthony makes sounds said in the title. This video has been deleted.

4 Hour editing timelapse

Anthony makes a timelapse of him editing.

My Numb face.

Anthony shows his "pucker face". This video has been deleted.

Golden Pop Homeless woman sings on street

See JUSTIN BIEBER HITS PUBERTY (Never Say Never 2) This video has been deleted.

Spinning 2.0

This is a sequel to Anthony's "epic beginning." This video has been deleted.

Punch myself in the face so hard I see birds

Anthony punches himself and birds appear flying around his head. This video has been deleted.

Bop-It kicks my ass

Anthony plays the basic Bop-It but accidentally hits the side of the Twist It twice and misses grabbing the Pull It twice. This video has been deleted.


The video is 2 seconds long when Anthony wears a wig making it look like he has a bowl hair cut. This video has been deleted.

When Death note music Plays in my Car

Death Note music plays in Anthony's car. This video has been deleted.

I'm Safe

Anthony talks about his previous video that people commented on about how dangerous it is to drive while filming. This video has been deleted.

PATHETICALLY Excited for Wii U

Anthony opens the Wii U box. This video has been deleted.


Anthony wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. This video has been deleted.

I'm Sick!

Anthony tells everyone he is sick but he has medicine to help him feel better. This video has been deleted.

Roller Coaster Ride!

Anthony rides a roller coaster at Disney Land and his camera stops at the end. This video has been deleted.

Drive-Thru Prank FAIL

Anthony tries to pull a drive though prank by using a stupid voice but the cashier knows who Anthony is. This video has been deleted.

So much SPAM Mail!

Anthony shows the spam that was in his mail. This video has been deleted.

Best Gingerbread house EVER

Anthony makes a Gingerbread house with Kalel Cullen. This video has been deleted.

Bop it Kicks My ass AGAIN!

Anthony fails at Bop It AGAIN but this time he plays Bop It Smash. This video has been deleted.

Ugliest Homemade Sweaters

Anthony tells the viewers he and Kalel Cullen made an ugly Sweater and they are going to enter an ugly sweater contest. This video has been deleted.

That DAMN Red Jacket

Anthony tells everyone he lost the red jacket that everyone kept commenting on in his Rollercoaster ride video. This video has been deleted.

These Videos

Anthony says he is glad people watch his videos and glad they like them. This video has been deleted.

Kitty Hates Car!

Anthony and Kalel Cullen take their car in Anthony's Car and Kabuki freaks out. This video has been deleted.

Clever bot and PETA Pokemon!? (live)

Anthony plays Cleverbot and PETA Pokemon. This video has been deleted.

Drive-Thru Prank FAIL #2

Anthony fails at a drive though prank AGAIN! This video has been deleted.

The Cat with no body!

Anthony and Kalel Cullen film their cat when she is in a blanket and her arm is sticking out and looks like she has no body. This video has been deleted.

CRYING Because of Contacts

Anthony tries to put in contacts when Kalel Cullen can. This video has been deleted.

Old man rocks out to Metal

Anthony, dressed up as the therapist, is in the car while listening to heavy metal. This video has been deleted.

Draw My Life

This is a special video on Anthony's channel where he does his first Draw My Life. This video has been deleted, it still being AnthonyPadilla's most viewed video having nearly 20 million views and around 300 thousand likes on top of that at the time of it's deletion.

In New York!

Anthony is in New York with Kalel, Felix (PewDiePie), and Marzia and it's snowing. This video has been deleted.

The Gym Hates Me

Anthony goes to the gym for the first time and he realises that the gym hates him. This video has been deleted.

My Interview w/ Dan and Phil

Anthony shows a couple of clips from his interview with Dan and Phil. This video has been deleted.

I'm in Jurassic Park

Anthony shoots his little "trip" to Jurassic Park. This video has been deleted.

Daily Vlogs

This is a fan update where Anthony explains that he uses his Snapchat to do his daily vlogs and not use this account very often. His Snapchat is anth0nypadilla. This is his first video on the channel with his new haircut. This video has been deleted.

Mexican adventure (originally "I went to Tulum")

Anthony and his girlfriend Miel Bredouw (mielmonster) travel to Tulum, Mexico.

Anthony Padilla Vine Compilation

A compilation of Anthony's Vines.

I got a black eye (originally "I went to China(town)")

Anthony and Miel travel to Chinatown in L.A.

the great pickle debate

Anthony and Miel argue over having pickles in their burgers.

Anthony Padilla Vine Compilation #2

Anthony's second Vine compilation.

Portland Changed Me

Shows how his life was forever changed in Portland.

Why is this happening to me? (originally "Portland Changed Me (pt 2)")

Shows more how it changed his life.

Draw My Life

Anthony's second Draw My Life, this gives much more detailed info about him. This video caused a huge uproar from Kalel on social media because of his comments about her in the video (even though he did not mention her name).

A girl poked my weenie (originally "Q & A: a girl poked my weenie")

A Q & A hosted by him.


Miel and him carve pumpkins.

Top 6 turn-offs in a girl

Anthony explains his top turn offs in girls.

I'm sorry

He goes camping with horrifying events captured near the end.

She knows I lied

Our ny adventure

this happened on thanksgiving

is clickbait DESTROYING youtube?

WTF Anthony?



we did it!



Am I Gay?

I suck at flirting

High in Amsterdam!

i'll never forget...

this was a mistake.


What makes me truly happy



is this sexy?

Adult theme park

saying goodbye to eu

Making clothes for my cactus 🌵

Anthony answers Twitter questions about his new cactus family. This video was later made unlisted.

My First Relationship (the truth)

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