"Oh, Anthony's alive? YAY! SHUT UP!"
Anthony's Resurrection


April 17, 2009 (Smosh)

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Anthony's Resurrection is a Smosh video uploaded on April 17, 2009 and is the sequel to "Anthony's Death". Ian succeeds in reviving dead Anthony 30 years after the events of the first video. Anthony then finds that Ian has shared his really embarrassing video in the future, and they travel back in time to retrieve it.


Anthony wakes up and climbs out of the crate. Ian comes in and is amazed that his mixture of bat urine and chunky salsa actually cured Anthony's death. He tells Anthony that he had been dead for 30 years. When Anthony asks why Ian still looks exactly the same, he replies, "Duh, botox." Ian explains to Anthony what has happened while Anthony was dead, including an alien race known as Zanglars inhabiting Earth, Google buying Canada, and all humans having mandatory barcodes tattooed onto their wrists. Ian then shows Anthony that he's married to a Zanglar. After hearing Ian's wife speak in a male voice, Anthony asks if she is male. Ian explains that Zanglars are genderless, so it doesn't matter. Ian's wife notices that Anthony is the guy in the really embarrassing video Ian shared on the internet. Anthony gets mad at Ian, who says that it got "40 million thousand bajillion views," and that he should be proud. Anthony says that, because of this, Ian won't mind if he shared his embarrassing video. Ian panics at first, but thinks of a way to fix the problem.

Ian and Anthony walk into a dark room and ask the Teleporting Fat Guy if he can teleport them back in time, so that Ian will never post Anthony's embarrassing video, in song. However, the Teleporting Fat Guy refuses after Ian and Anthony refuse to kill Burt Reynolds, his mortal enemy, so they both punch him and take his Power Glove. This is the song they sing:

Teleporting Fat Guy: I rule the land of space and time; going to the past is like hitting rewind
Ian: We need to go the the year '09
Anthony: To get something from this friend of mine
Teleporting Fat Guy: I'll do that, but it is not free. Kill Burt Reynolds, my mortal enemy
Ian: I would normally do that in a flash –
Anthony: But he has got a cool mustache
Teleporting Fat Guy: Then you are not a friend of mine. I will not let you travel through time. Going through time I will not permit; you losers can eat my sh-

Ian and Anthony are transported back to the Easter Egg Hunt, and Anthony asks Ian what the plan is. He says, "I have an idea." They walk over to the past Anthony, who is counting while past Ian hides all the Easter Eggs, and future Anthony punches him in the face. Future Ian catches him, and tells him to find all the eggs, like past Anthony would have. Future Ian sets past Anthony (now unconscious) on the edge of the fountain that he died in. Future Anthony finds all of the eggs except one and asks Ian to show him where it is. Past Ian walks away, thinking that Anthony is following him. Past Anthony falls into the fountain and drowns, and Anthony begs for Ian to save him, because if the past Anthony died, so would the future Anthony. Ian asks, "Do I look like David Hasselhoff to you?" Then Anthony disappears. Future Ian sees past Ian walking in an minefield. He tries to warn his past self, but past Ian is blown up by the mines, which makes future Ian disappear.

The disc of "Anthony's Embarrassing Video" flies and drops on the same guy and his wife from the last episode. They get out a laptop and start watching it.


  • The Teleporting Fat Guy wears an eye patch in this video.
  • A picture of the Teleporting Fat Guy's nemesis, Burt Reynolds, is on a dart board.
  • Ian's zanglar wife sounds like a man. Anthony also mentioned this.
  • In the part where Ian is explaining to Anthony what happened while Anthony was dead, Ian mentions that everyone has a bar code tattooed on their wrist. This is a reference to the movie [1], Idiocracy, where everyone in the future has a bar code on their left arm.
  • The substance that Ian used to revive Anthony was a combination of bat urine and chunky salsa.
    • Furthermore, Ian took 30 years to revive Anthony, which means that Anthony was revived from death in the year 2039.
  • When the past Ian walks in the minefield, a wilhelm scream is heard.

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