"*Sob* I can't believe Anthony's dead! Oh why!? SHUT UP!"
Anthony's Death
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April 10, 2009

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Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, Cheryl Hecox

Anthony's Death is a Smosh video uploaded on the 10th of April, 2009. This is the first of a two part series. Anthony gets electrocuted by a toaster when on an Easter egg hunt and dies due to it.


Ian, who was wearing an Easter Bunny costume, was explaining the rules to the Easter Egg Hunt to Anthony. Ian has fifteen seconds to hide the eggs and Anthony has to find all of them. Ian says that he has as much time as he can, but Anthony suggests that Anthony starts with 75 seconds and gets an additional 20 seconds for every egg he finds, all while Ian yells "Checkpoint!" Ian says no and tells Anthony to start counting. Anthony asks Ian if he promises to destroy the video titled "Anthony's Embarrassing Video" if he finds all the eggs. Ian then replies "what?, the extremely hilarious embbarrasing video of you? Yeah if you find all the eggs."and starts to hide the eggs when Anthony starts counting. Ian hides the eggs by a tree, in a couple's picnic basket, taped on himself, on a sleeping hobo's back and in the fountain. As Anthony's almost done, Ian doesn't know what to do and throws an egg by a sign warning of a minefield.

Anthony manages to find the eggs easily. After he gets the egg from the basket, a girl complains to her boyfriend that her bread isn't toasted, prompting her boyfriend to leave to get a toaster. Ian warns Anthony that he's going to a minefield as he finds the egg. At first Anthony didn't believe it but became hesitant after he sees a guy being blown up. Anthony carefully gets the egg from the sign, thanks to Ian's guidance, and continues on to get the last egg. As he was struggling to get the egg from the fountain, the boyfriend comes with the toaster, when he suddenly trips. The toaster flies into the air and lands into the fountain, electrocuting Anthony, killing him.

Ian is now at home, reading the newspaper about Anthony's death, depressed. His mom starts to pretend that she's the voice of Anthony, even answering that all ghosts sounds like a girl when Ian asks why he sounds like a girl. Ian's Mom tells Ian to go rescue Anthony's body from the morgue while she still pretends to be Anthony. Ian was about to go do just that, but Ian's mom tries to tell him that she was joking. However, Ian takes the joke seriously and goes out to save Anthony, causing Ian's mom to say, "My son is such an idiot!"

Ian gets to the morgue and sees two workers carrying a body bag. Ian gets an idea and stuffs himself in the body bag to get inside the morgue. Once he gets inside, he finds Anthony's body and after knocking several things over, he puts Anthony's body in the body bag and puts it into his car. Ian returns home and puts Anthony into a cryostasis pod to keep Anthony's body preserved until he finds a cure for death. Ian also tells Anthony that he wrote a list of things that he was too afraid to say to Anthony's face. He tells him that he's going out with his sister again, that he cries at night when Anthony shouts and that sometimes he puts on a wig and reenacts Beyonce music videos. Ian is about to close the bod, but then writes "I'm Stoopid" on Anthony's cheek, since he never got to do it when Anthony was alive. Ian closes the pod and starts his search for a cure for death.


  • The toaster should not really be able electrify Anthony, due to the fact that the toaster was unplugged. This happens again in REJECTED VIDEOS!, but it was unknown if it was plugged in or not.
  • lan's Easter Bunny costume appeared again in the If Holidays Were Real Easter segment with Billy and his friend.
  • This episode is another one of many that show lan's stupidity, thinking that his mom was Anthony as a ghost, but he would've recognized the voice of his own mother by the second if he wasn't stupid.
  • If you look closely at the scene at 4:05 on the official YouTube clip, Jeffrey the Smeagol from Unitarded is hiding and looking at Ian reading the things to Anthony and then dissapears shortly after when the camera returns to where lan was.
  • When someone walks in the minefield, a wilhelm scream can be heard.
  • When Ian first puts the egg in the minefield, there seems to be no land mines.

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