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Anthony's Clone is a minor character in the Smosh series.


Anthony's Clone used to be just a joke/sketches for humor but seemingly appearing more than once, he is now considered as a minor character.


How to cheat on your girlfriend!

The clone first appered as a example to cheat on his girlfriend. Anthony says to his clone, "Now I can cheat all I want." His clone answers, "Good luck, Anthony." His real self says, "See you later, Anthony. Nice hair." He starts to walk away when he realizes he forgot his phone. He turns back to get it, only to see his clone and his girlfriend making out. He shouts, "What kind of terrible girlfriend cheats?!" With tears streaming down his face, he says, "I'll hate you forever."

Best of 2012 REMIX

Anthony was about to tell Ian something, but Anthony made Ian stumble and had his clone tripping Ian acting like a table. Anthony congratulated his clone which he thanked him and asked if he could stand up which Anthony yells "NO!"

Worst Online Date Ever!

Anthony's was dead with Ian's clone from the first time they dated with them and then they were brought later on disguised as girls still dead in the restaurant Eat My Weiner.

Good VS Surprisingly good

The clone (right of the bed when facing) says hello to Anthony which Anthony (left of the bed when facing) told the clone, "Good morning clone." They both try to high five each other, but failed. Anthony said that suck at high-fives, which the clone also knew.


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