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Anger Mis-Management
Zombies vs. Ninjas 8


June 22, 2012

Views (Approximate):



Zombies vs. Ninjas



Characters Featured:

Spencer, Tanzy, Chris and Bartleby, Andre, Rogi, Mel Gibson

Previous Video:

Books R Dum

Next Video:

Don't Get Sick

Anger Mis-Management is the eighth episode of the Shut Up! Cartoons series Zombies vs. Ninjas. It was uploaded on June 22, 2012.

Brief Synopsis: Mel Gibson attempts to help Andre manage his anger issues.


Shut Up! OpeningEdit

Is this the kind of example you wanna set? SHUT UP! Cartoons.


  • When Andre was ducktaped to the couch, they made a new body out of clay and stuck the head on
  • The purple aliens that Andre sprayed water on were made out of 100% clay, they melted quick since clay doesn't work well under hot lights


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