A Very Hairy Situation w/ Billy Mays Part 2
A Very Hairy Situation With Billy Mays

Air Date

June 19, 2009



Character Featured

Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, Billy Mays, Manager

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"Washington's First Video Blog"

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"A Hairy Situation w/ Billy Mays"

A Very Hairy Situation w/ Billy Mays is the second part of a two-part Smosh video about Anthony and Ian's quest to be the best Billy Mays and Anthony's subsequent kidnapping.


The men who took Anthony in their truck in the previous episode take the ski mask off of Anthony. Anthony thinks that his ordeal is some kind of test when he is hit by the butt of a terrorist's rifle and told by the boss that they need something from him.

Back at home, Ian was waiting to watch Desperate Housewives when a news report comes on, much to Ian's annoyance. The news report shows that Billy Mays was kidnapped by terrorists before they release a video. In the video, Anthony says that the terrorists will let him go if they give them 30 million dollars and 5,000 cases of Oxyclean. Anthony complains that the terrorists only feed him food from Burger Boys, which Anthony thinks "really sucks", and the Burger Boys that they get the food from ran out of SpongeBob toys, only to be hit by the butt of the rifle again. Ian then runs off to his computer.

Thinking he's still Billy Mays, the terrorists tell Anthony to tell them his secrets to infomercial success, but the boss tells his henchman not to excessively hit Anthony in the face with the rifle. The henchman leaves, leaving the boss to question Anthony. Anthony says that he's only doing what he's told. Back at home, Ian tells his computer to analyze the video to determine where Anthony is at. The computer tells him, "Room consists mostly of concrete and other hard materials. Constructed around the time of 1960. Building is most likely a warehouse or other sort of industrial building." Meanwhile, the terrorists are forced to torture Anthony by forcing him to watch The Hills. Remembering that Anthony mentioned that they only feed him food from Burger Boys, Ian tells his computer to find warehouses out of the 30 they found that are within a two mile radius of a Burger Boys restaurant. He then tells his computer to then find restaurants that lack Spongebob toys, but the computer asks, "OK, I may be a computer, but how the hell am I supposed to do that?" Ian argues that his computer is a supercomputer and tells it to call the restaurant, but the computer tells Ian to do it, but Ian says no. After the computer says, "Ian. You're being a bitch." Ian gives up and calls the restaurants himself.

As Anthony is being forced to watch The Hills, one of the henchmen says that they probably got the wrong guy. The boss takes out a picture of Billy Mays to compare and realizes that they really did get the wrong guy when they see that Anthony looks nothing like Billy Mays. The terrorists were about to kindly let Anthony go, but another henchman comes in and tells him that someone armed broke into the warehouse.

The terrorists arm themselves for the intruder, who is revealed to be Ian carrying a large gattling gun. The terrorists are about to strike, but Ian fires dart bullets, knocking them out. After knocking one with a cane down (and shooting him afterwards), one of the terrorists runs away only to be shot. The last terrorist prepares to shoot, but Ian struck first before running off. One of the terrorists asks of another one is dead. They aren't dead, but the darts were very painful. They suggest that they play dead so Ian doesn't hurt them anymore, in which they did.

The boss has a gun to Anthony's head, waiting for Ian. Ian breaks in the room, which causes the henchman with them to jump out of the window and have a lengthy fall to his death. The boss threatens to shoot Anthony if Ian puts the gun down, but Ian shouts, "I don't think you understand. YOU DON'T F*** WITH MY BEST FRIEND!" Ian shoots the boss's arm off, which gives time for Ian and Anthony to run while the boss holds up his arm and cries to the heavens.

Ian and Anthony manage to make it outside when a man comes up to Anthony, relieved he's okay. The man is revealed to be Billy Mays's manager (Tom Hart), who mistakes Anthony for Billy Mays, much to Anthony's chargin. But the manager thinks that Anthony's being delusional and tells him that he's late for his commercial shoot before taking Anthony to the shoot. Ian stands there confused before saying, "Whatever!" and leaves.


  • This video and the previous part were uploaded the same month and year Billy Mays died. In fact, this part was released 9 days before he died.
  • Burger Boys is a parody of Burger King.
    • Coincidentally, around the time this video was uploaded, Burger King restaurants did have a SpongeBob toy promotion with Kids Meals
  • This video has been issued a partner rating of TV-PG on YouTube.
  • Not counting the boss, every terrorist is portrayed by Ian and Anthony.
  • There is a funny scene that caught the viewers attentions. When the boss cries about his arm being shot off, he's holding his severed arm with BOTH of his arms.
  • When Ian attacks the terrorists, it's night time outside. However, when Ian and Anthony leave, it's automatically day time.
  • When Ian asks the super computer for warehouses in a 2 mile radius from Burger Boys, the results make a shape that resembles a penis.
  • The gun that Ian uses to shoot the terrorists is a Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 that has been spray-painted black.
  • While fighting the terrorists, Ian is wearing a sleeveless shirt and head band similar to John Rambo.

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