Narrator: Previously on Smosh

Ian: Can you tell me a bedtime story about Christmas?


In the story At least 2,000 miles from the North Pole

Anthony: Santa's in trouble!

Ian: So that's why we're going towards the North Pole!

At the Canadian border Clarence: You turn around now or you die by my sword.

(Anthony reveals Clarence's identity)

Ian: It's one of Santa's little helpers.

Clarence: I was suppose to stop you guys so you wouldn't (Got shot off by Ian)

Story (part 2) Before song At five miles away from the North Pole going towards it in the car (Ian vomits)

Ian: I can't believe I shot a midget.

Anthony: Well technically, he was an elf.

Ian: Oh! That's not too bad. I hate elves! Are we there yet?

Anthony: Almost! You know it's pretty crazy to think that we're actually driving on an icecap right now.

Ian: Huh?

Anthony: Yeah, there's no more land below us. It's all just ice. Technically, we're driving on the ocean.

Ian: Oh god! (vomits) You know i get sea sick.

Anthony: Look!

(Ian and Anthony see Santa's workshop and was amazed)

Ian and Anthony: Wooooooooooah!

Guardsman: We have visitors. I'll take care of them.

Commander (speaking through the black and white screen): Wait! Let them get closer, then we strike.

After song Ian: This is amazing!

Anthony: Yeah! I don't know why that ninja elf was so mean. These guys love Santa.

Female elf: Can I please take your gun? No weapons are allowed in Santa's castle. Teehee!

Ian: Oh silly me; here!

(Gives his shot to the elf)

Guardsman: Ha! We got the stupid one's boom stick.

Commander: Excellent; now kill them!

(The guardsman activated the alarm causing the gate to close and the elves to aim with their guns)

Commander (through the colored screen near Ian and Anthony): Why did you venture here?

Anthony: What's going on?! Where's Santa?

Commander: None of your beeswax.

(Ian interrupts the story) Interruption (part 1) In real life.

Ian: (sighs heavily) When do people start dying already?

Anthony: What?

Ian: Yeah, this is super boring. No one's died yet.

Anthony: Well, maybe if you just shut up for one second, we get to the dying part. Anyway.

(continues the story) Story (part 3)

Commander: But enough of this, it's time for the both of you to die. Men reeeeady!

Ian: Anthony, I don't feel good. You know I get bullet sick.

Commander: Aaaaaim! Aaaaaand fire!

(Ian vomits right after that on an elf causing a chain reaction of elves getting killed)

(The female screamed and dies)

Guardsman (still aiming at Ian and Anthony): Say goodbye!

(The chain reaction caused an elves body including the neck to hit the self destruct button on his tower)

Guardsman: Oh shi

(Tower exploded sending him flying)

Last elf: in the room alive: Wait, I'm alive.

(Starts crawling and dies from the screen falling on him) Interruption (part 2) In real life

(Ian interrupts the story)

Ian: So that's the dying part. See Steve Wonder, I told you people would die.

Anthony: Shut up!

Ian: Sorry!

Story (part 4)

Before song

Back in the story

Anthony: Holy crap they're all dead.

Ian: (Takes back his gun) That's what you get for taking my piece, bitch!

Santa: (yelling) Somebody help me please!

At a prison room

(Ian and Anthony both made a gasp)

Ian: Santa!

(They both ran to Santa)

Ian: We've come to save you!

Santa: Oh joy! Thank you kids!

Ian: Ian

(points to himself) Anthony

(points to Anthony which he waved to Santa).

We're on your good boy list every year.


(felt confused) Uhhhh?

(seem like he got his memory back) Oh yeah, right. Just get me out of here before the elves come.

(Anthony opens the cell by pulling down a switch)

Anthony: C'mon Santa, let's get to your sleigh so you could save Christmas!

(The three started to leave)


(in person blocking the exit): Not so fast! He can't leave.


(talking to Ian) shoot him Anthony!

Ian: I'm Ian.

Santa: Yeah whatever, just shoot him guy.

Commander: Santa is not what you think he is. He's evil and is planning on

(Santa shoots the elf with Ian's shotgun)

Ian: Hey! Only I am allowed to shoot people with my gun.

Anthony: Wait, what was that elf trying to say about you being evil.

Santa: (laughs evilly and gives Ian's shotgun back) Well!

After song

Ian: Exploding bears?

Santa: Yeah, teddy bears stuffed with bombs. I'm gonna throw them down the chimney of every house in the world.

(Evil laughter was played while Santa talked)

Anthony: But what about all the good boys and girls that love you.

Santa: They can suck it.

(Made Anthony and Ian gasp)

Anthony: But we love you!

Santa: Too bad!

(Takes Ian's shotgun)

Now prepare to die!

(aims shotgun)

Anthony: What?!

Ian: Wait no Santa!

Santa: Hohoho!

(Killed Anthony then Ian)

Interruption (part 3) Back in real life

Ian: Dude, that ending is messed up. Now I'm never gonna be able to go to sleep.

Anthony: God, fine. You are such a baby sometimes.

Story (part 5) Back in the story

Ian: Wait no Santa!

Santa: Hohoho!

(Was about to shoot their heads off, but noticed the sound of the guardsman falling)

Guardsman: Wow! The blast of that explosion sent me flying really high.

(Keeps on falling and making noises crashing through a part of the roof about Santa making him fall too)

(Ian got his gun back afterwards)

Anthony: You think he's still alive?

(Santa's arm is shown)

Santa: Please help me please! I've seen the error of my ways and I want to save Christmas!

(Ian shoots Santa)

(in real life): Interruption (part 4)

(Ian interrupts the story)

Ian: So I killed Santa and end Christmas altogether that's even worse!

Anthony: Fine So we decided to save Christmas ourselves and we packed Santa's sleigh full of presents.

Story (part 6)

Anthony (in the story): DRIVE! We have to spread Christmas cheer to everyone!

Rudolph: Hey, you're not Santa.


(Rudolph screams and the reindeer flew)

Interruption (part 5) In real life

Ian: On a sleigh? Come on man, that's lame!

Anthony: Fine whatever! We deliver the presents in a Harrier Jet!

Story (part 7)

(Anthony commands Ian to shoot the presents to the houses of all the good boys and girls which exploded their houses giving them presents)

(Ian and Anthony waved to the good boys and girls that lost their homes, but got presents in the process while still spreading Christmas cheer while Anthony ends the story)

Ending (part 2)

Anthony (in real life): By the end of the night we delivered presents to all the good girls and boys around the world and Christmas was saved. The end! How's that for a story, bitch

(Sees Ian sleeping)

Merry Christmas little guy.


(Santa is seen with an evil laugh sneaking up there house)

(Smosh wished the viewers to have a happy holidays)