A Smoshy Christmas Part 2
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December 21, 2012 (Smosh)
December 23, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, Santa, elves, reindeer, children

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A SMOSHY CHRISTMAS (Part 2) is a Smosh video uploaded on December 21, 2012 and is the sequel to A SMOSHY CHRISTMAS! (Part 1)

Brief Synopsis: Anthony tries to finish the story on how they saved Christmas.



The scenes show Ian wanting a bedtime story, there was an extra scene where Anthony didn't like it; other scenes to the story were that Anthony saying that Santa's in trouble making Ian realize why they're going to the North Pole, Clarence Peebody stopping them as a ninja from passing Canada, Anthony revealing the Clarence's true identity, and Ian shooting Clarence's when he was about to reveal why he was stopping Ian and Anthony.

Story (Part 2)

Before the Song

As Ian and Anthony are going to Santa's workshop five miles away, Ian vomits and can't believe that he shot a midget. Anthony said to Ian that he clearly shot an elf which Ian thought it wasn't too bad saying that he hates elves. Later on, Ian is impatient asking if they're at Santa's workshop which Anthony replied that they're almost there. Anthony also reminded Ian that they're driving on the ice caps instead of land which made Anthony think they're driving on water. The recognition made Ian throw up because he's sea sick. After that, Anthony showed Ian that they're near Santa's workshop which they were both amazed.

At Santa's workshop, a guardsman elf saw Ian vomiting and Anthony in the car about to shoot them at a high distance because they were vistors, but the commander speaking through a black and white screen said to let them get closer and then strike.

Happy Elves

(Elves sing while Ian and Anthony enter the workshop)

We are happy elves making fun and joy.
Making all the presents for the girls and boys.
Santa is the best! Oh we love him so.
Santa is our best friend. Hohoho!

After Song

Ian thought it was amazing and Anthony stated that he didn't know why Clarence was so mean thinking the elves love Santa. A female elf asks Ian for his gun saying weapons aren't allowed in Santa's workshop with a little "tee hee" to prove she was tricking Ian. Ian believes her and gives her his gun. The guardsman informs the commander of their successful trickery calling Ian "the stupid looking one" and his gun a "boom stick." The commander complements it and allows Ian and Anthony's execution. the guardsman pushed the alarm system which closed the gate and all of the elves near the car pulled out their guns. The commander in a colored screen asked the boys why they visited. Anthony asks the commander who he was and where was Santa. The commander thought it was none of their beeswax.

Interruption (part 1)

Back in real life, Ian was impatient wanting people to die. Anthony doesn't get what Ian said which he told Anthony that the story was getting boring because no one died yet. Anthony told him that he should shut up for one second to get to the dying part. Anthony goes back to the story.

Story (part 3)

The commander tells Ian and Anthony that they're going to die and let the elves get ready to fire. In the countdown as the elves lock and load, Ian states that he doesn't feel so good and the Anthony knows he gets bullet sick. When the commander gives the elves order to fire, Ian blinds one of the elves in vomit causing him to missfire and resulting in the elves getting massacred by their own hand . When the guardsman was about to fire at Ian and Anthony, the chain reaction causes an elf to hit a self destruct button for his tower which exploded and sent him flying. There was only one elf alive in the group besides the commander that was lying down, but that elf died when the screen fell on him.

Interruption (part 2)

Ian interrupted the story noticing that was the dying part proving to his stuffed reindeer, Stevie Wonder, that there was a dying part. Anthony told Ian to shut up, which Ian apologized.

Story (part 4)

Before Song

Back in the story, Anthony was shocked that all of the elves in there died while Ian rather teased them for taking his gun. They both heard Santa needing help. At a jail cell, Ian and Anthony found Santa trapped in there. Ian and Anthony ran to Santa explaining that they're trying to rescue him which Santa was pleased. Ian even explained that they're on the nice list every year. Santa started feeling confused, but then said to unlock the cell and get him out before the elves come. Anthony pulled the switch down which opened the cell and bought Santa out so he can get to his sleigh rushing Santa. However, the commander in person by the exit said that Santa can't leave. Santa told Ian to shoot him, but said Ian as if he was talking to Anthony. When Ian said his real name, Santa just told Ian to shoot him, but Santa automatically forgot his name and called him guy. The commander told Ian and Anthony to not listen to Santa because he's evil. The commander was about to say what he was planning, but Santa shot him. Ian complain that he is the only person that he could shoot people with his gun. Anthony questioned on what the commander meant by Santa being evil. Santa then demonstrate it as a song.

Evil Santa

(Santa sings the song to Ian and Anthony)

I am evil Santa, and I am so mean.
Tired of being so nice, and so clean.
I've always been good, and no one cares!
So I'm going to blow up the world with exploding bears.

After Song

Ian questioned about the exploding bears, which Santa said that they're teddy bears stuffed with bombs and will throw them at every house in the world down their chimneys. Anthony questioned Santa about the boys and girls around the world that love him which Santa replied with a pelvis thrust "they can suck it!" Ian and Anthony were surprised which Anthony comment they love him which Santa didn't care and took Ian's gun telling them to prepare to die. Both didn't like it and didn't want him to do it, but Santa still didn't care and killed both of them.

Interruption (part 3)

Back in real life, Ian interrupted saying that the ending was messed up and that he will never get to sleep. Anthony decides to change the story even though he thinks Ian is a baby sometimes.

Alternative Story (part 5)

In the story when Santa was about to kill Ian and Anthony, the guardsman was dropping down after the explosion sending him really high and crashed through the roof onto Santa also causing shards of the roof to also crash to Santa. After the shards fell on Santa, Anthony wonders if Santa's still alive. Fortunately, his hand popped up sounding like he seen the errors of his way and wants to save Christmas, but Ian shoots Santa's hand killing him and also Anthony in real life saying, "Nope!"

Interruption (part 4)

Back in real life, Ian asked if he killed Santa and end Christmas all together which made it sound worse then Santa killing him. Anthony then continued the story by saying that they decided to save Christmas themselves and packed the presents on Santa's sleigh.

Story (part 6)

Anthony tells the reindeer to drive so they can spread Christmas cheer, but Rudolf noticed that Anthony's not Santa. Ian convinced Rudolf by aiming his gun at him telling the reindeer that Anthony said drive. The gun made Rudolf and the reindeer flew.

Interruption part 5

Ian interrupted the story thinking that delivering the presents on a sleigh was lame. Anthony changed the story again so that they deliver the presents in a Harrier Jet.

Story (part 7)

Anthony in the story told Ian to fire the presents, which Ian did and made the houses explode. Anthony in real life said that they delivered the presents to all of the good girls and boys around the world and saved Christmas ending the story.

Ending (part 2)

Anthony asked Ian how good of a story that was which Ian was asleep. Anthony wished Ian a merry Christmas and left to his room forgetting to put on his butt-flap. When Ian was sleeping, Santa was sneaking up on the window making an evil laugh. After that, a pop-up is shown wishing the viewers to be Happy in the Holidays from the Smosh crew themselves.

Script (excluding song)



  • This is the final regular episode of Smosh's 2012 season.
  • A penguin is seen when Ian and Anthony are driving on an ice cap, normally Penguins only live in the Southern Hemisphere. Although it could be a reference to the Great Auk, a flightless seabird with a penguin like appearence which had lived in the Northern Hemisphere until extinction in 1844.
  • Although rumored to be Lasercorn of Smosh Games, Santa Claus was voiced by Anthony. Anthony previously played Santa in the 2009 X-Mas trilogy.
  • As pointed out in the credits, most of the Zombies vs. Ninjas crew did the stop motion work for the story.
  • In the previous episode, the random guy and Clarence Peebody died, proving there was a dying part.
  • This is the second two parter of the year, the first one was I LOST MY HAIR! and HOMELESS MILLIONAIRE!
  • This video was uploaded on 12/21/12, the day that was rumored to be the end of the world, El Smosh's version was uploaded a day before Christmas Eve (12/23/12).
  • The day after this video, Smosh has more subscribers than Nigahiga making them #2 Most Subscribed channel.
  • If one looks closely at the blasts from the Harrier Jet, the cloud discharged resemble penises.
  • If you look closely at Ian's double-barreled shotgun. It has a pump on it and can hold more than 2 shotgun shells. This is unique because in reality, no Double-Barrelled shotgun can hold more than two shells or have a pump.
  • In this episode, Ian states that he gets bullet sick. Since he is bullet sick in this episode, then he wouldn't be shooting a gun, since he has to load the bullets manually.
  • In both parts of this video, Ian wields a double-barrelled shotgun, which can only fire two shots before reloading. Ian's gun was fired approximately eight times, twice in the first part and six times in the second. Assuming Ian reloaded during the car ride after he shot Clarence Peebody and on the way towards Santa's cell, it would still not explain how he was able to shoot Santa's arm four times without reloading.
  • It is illogical for Ian to own a gun if he gets "bullet sick" unless their is a certain number he can't withstand
  • The sniper elf refers to Ian's shotgun as a "boomstick". This could possibly be a reference to the 1993 film "Army of Darkness"
  • When Ian and Anthony advance towards Santa's castle, they are spotted by a sniper elf who spots them through a scope, however, the elf's rifle is an M16 Assault Rifle, which if looked at closely, does not have a scope attached.

Subscription Ending

"Thanks for subscribing and Merry Christmas, bitch!"

Shut Up! Opening

"Deck my balls with jars of jelly! Falalala! SHUT UP!"



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