March 21, 2014 (Smosh)
March 23, 2014 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, Terra

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Ian and Anthony discover a ouija board!


In the garage, Ian and Anthony search for a box. Anthony finally found the box of the photos of Brittany Spears Topless. They thought she looked hotter while being topless. All of the sudden, Ian found another box that says to not be open. Anthony decided to ignore the box, but Ian decided to open the box and found an Ouija Board. Anthony asked if they know what they're going to do with it.

Sometime later, Anthony performs a séance and asked the spirits if Ian has herpes. Ian got worried which Anthony said that it's either what he just said or Ian got checked out by a doctor. Ian starts to touch the planchette has the séance continues. Ian thought it was working and that it's moving by itself. Anthony sarcastically states from before that he is moving the planchette and that the board is fake. Anthony even described synonyms to the word "fake" which Ian realized he pulled that out from a dictionary. Anthony thinks that they're the only two guys to realize that Ouija Boards are fake. Ian gets a text from Terra (Stephanie Altholz), a girl in Ian's yoga class. Anthony fought over the phone and saw that Terra looks hot. He asked Ian if she has a boyfriend which Ian said that was true. Anthony starts thinking of a plan to get her to go out with Ian.

Two hours later, Ian and Anthony brought Terra to the Ouija Board while she asks if it works. Anthony says that it does work, but only when acting serious about it. Ian even mentioned to her that it isn't a joke and has predicted many things. Anthony gave an example of Ian's fortune of wetting the bed while Ian gave an example of Anthony sharting himself right before he came over. Anthony just wanted to start the séance. Ian started it and asked the spirits if Terra's boyfriend still loves her. They moved the planchette to "No". Anthony asked if the boyfriend cheated on her. They moved the planchette to "Yes". Anthony asked for whom the boyfriend cheated on. The planchette spells out lots. Ian and Anthony asked how many. The planchette said that he cheated her for one hundred five other girls. Ian and Anthony thought that the boyfriend hated her and that she should dump him. Anthony tried to ask the spirits if Ian kissed pictures of Terra every night before going to bed. Ian tries to stop Anthony, but Ian placed the planchette to "Yes" making Anthony say that Ian is a loser. Ian tries to tell her that never happened, but Anthony said that the spirits never lie which Terra thought that Ian was weird. Ian tried to ask the spirits if Anthony sings One Direction songs in the mirror and makes out with a Louis doll. Anthony corrected Ian saying that it's pronounced Loui and that the story isn't true. Ian told Anthony that the spirits never lie. Anthony asked the spirits what he should smack Ian in the face with. Anthony moves the planchette to a bat and smacked Ian with a bat. Ian moves the planchette to show what should happen next.

In the bathroom, Ian asked the spirits where Anthony wants to put his head. The planchette points in the hole of the toilet and Ian puts Anthony in the toilet. Anthony and Ian has made up what they think the spirits said so that the other person gets humiliated. Examples include putting a condom on someone's head, run naked in the streets, Terra to cough at someone's face, eat a whole bottle of viagra, slowly take a sip of water while others are watching, and Terra to ride on someone's back while that person squeals like a pig.

Sometime later, Terra decides to go home, but Anthony wants her to stay to ask one more question in the séance. Ian asked the spirits what they should touch next, and then Anthony and him moved the planchette towards Terra's boobs. Fortunately for her, she realized it was fake, grabbed the planchette, and decided to ask a question to the spirits. She asked if she's done with the Ouija Board game and would never want to be with Ian nor Anthony. She moved the planchette to "Yes", called Ian and Anthony losers, flipped the board, and left the house. Ian asked Anthony if they can get some milkshakes. Anthony agreed by using a different Ouija Board that had "Hell Friggin Yeah" and then moved it to "Bitch". They then get some milkshakes while dancing to Milky Milkshake.


A Real Ouija Board?/Script


  • Milky Milkshake is used in its own scene again after 2010's My Mom's AMAZING Video! making it the second time the song is being heard.
  • The "SpongeBob" French Narrator appears again in this video after 22 Crazy Vines (That Don't Exist) and once more in Magic iPad
  • In the scene shown after Ian forces Anthony to swallow a bottle of Viagra, a boner can be seen in Anthony's pants.  

Shut Up! Opening

"Anthony: Your word is "Ouija Board".

Ian: W----(buzzer sound) It's spelled like that?! What?! SHUT UP!"




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