A Quick Message is a video where Ian and Anthony tell the fans why their latest video wasn't uploaded the week it was supposed to. El Smosh says it the day after.


Anthony says many people ask where the video for that week was; Ian says that many people heard about the terrible shooting at a school in Newtown Connecticut and says they were not comfortable to release the video and they will release it sometime next week. Anthony says that their hearts go out the people and the families that were effected by this tragedy and everyone to take care and stay safe.


  • Their latest video was actually uploaded, but was taken down when the shooting occurred.
  • Smosh reuploaded A SMOSHY CHRISTMAS! (Part 1) on December 17.
  • In the El Smosh version, the video remains completely in English with Spanish Subtitles, similar to when music videos are dubbed.
  • The plot in this wikia entry is very close to the script of the video.
  • This is one of the few Friday since Smosh started doing weekly Friday videos in 2008 where they didn't upload the main Friday video.

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