A New Hope


November 16, 2012

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Teleporting Fat Guy



Characters Featured:

Robbie, his dad, Oliver, Luigi, Mario, Peach, Burt Reynolds, other villians

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Biggest Fear

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Genghis Khan Attacks!

A New Hope is the fifth cartoon of the Shut Up! Cartoons series Teleporting Fat Guy.

Brief Synopsis: Robbie and Oliver suddenly notice some strangely mustachioed pterodactyls and Sheng Woo reveals his true identity...



After defeating his darkest fear, Robbie finally got his own Power Glove from Master Sheng Woo. Now Robbie must learn how to control the power of time travel so he can find and defeat Burt Reynolds before it's too late.


Robbie and Oliver teleport into a space ship, where robots see them as intruders and prepare to vaporize him. Oliver asks why Robbie is teleporting everywhere. Robbie explains that he needs to practice focusing his time traveling abilities for when he needs to fight Burt Reynolds. Robbie and Oliver teleport out just in time before they get vaporized. At the prehistoric times, Oliver takes a picture of a Stegosaurus when Robbie warns him not to post the pictures on Facebook.

Big Rob is suddenly grabbed by a pterodactyl. Robbie runs after it, but Sheng Woo's voice tells him to unleash his power. Robbie concentrates and the Power Glove grants him the ability to fly. The two confront the pterodactyl, but it tosses the jar up and into its' mouth. Luckily, Robbie and Oliver fly inside the pterodactyl. Once they retrieve Big Rob, Robbie then kills the pterodactyl to escape. Unfortunately, this angers the other pterodactyls, in which Oliver notices that they all have mustaches. The three teleport out of there in time.

Back at the present, Sheng Woo explains that Burt Reynolds is changing the past. When Robbie asks how he knows this, Sheng Woo takes off his hood and reveals who he really is: Luigi.

Luigi reveals that he is the creator of the Power Glove, which everyone, including Mario and Peach, thought was stupid. Burt Reynolds, Luigi's best student, was the only person who understood it and pushed Luigi to take the technology further. Unbenownst to Luigi, Burt Reynolds teamed up with Hitler, Genghis Khan, The Monopoly Guy and Chuck Norris and formed an evil league of mustaches. After finding out, Luigi took it, hid it in a thrift store, and went into hiding so he can never be found, regretting that he didn't kill him when he had the chance.

Burt Reynolds and his evil league of mustaches appears behind Luigi and Burt zaps him with his Power Glove. Burt Reynolds then challenges Robbie to go after them, threatening that they will kill Rachel. Robbie accepts this challenge and corrects that Rachel isn't exactly his girlfriend. Bart's gang then teleports out of the cabin. Robbie tells Luigi that they can save him, but Luigi says that it's too late. Luigi touches Robbie's Power Glove and brings out it's true power, christening Robbie as the Teleporting Fat Guy.


Tune in next time to see if Robbie has what it takes to stop Bart Reynolds and his league of evil mustaches or if Luigi will have died for no good reason at all.


A New Hope/Script


Shut Up! Opening

How do they all have mustaches? SHUT UP! Cartoons!


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