A Hairy Situation w/ Billy Mays
A Very Hairy Situation /w Billy Mays
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June 12, 2009

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Anthony, Ian, Billy Mays

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A Very Hairy Situation w/ Billy Mays

"A Hairy Situation w/ Billy Mays" is the first part of a 2-part Smosh video, uploaded on June 12, 2009.


Ian is driving the car while sticking his head out the window like a dog. As they drive up the driveway of their house, Ian tells Anthony that Stephen Hawking can drive, making Anthony give Ian money for losing a bet they made prior to the beginning of this video. They then hear Billy Mays on the radio, who is holding auditions for a stunt double for a commercial. The auditions will be held on Friday. Ian says that he's good at impressions and does his Christopher Walken, though Anthony's not so sure. As Anthony was later playing with dolls, Ian tells Anthony that he's been doing research that there's one important think to look like Billy Mays: "His sweet-ass beard." Anthony thought that they're going to get fake beards, but Ian suggests that they grow their beards since the audition is next week.

The next day, Anthony was sitting on the couch crying, when Ian walks in with a full grown beard and asks what's wrong, only to be shocked when he saw Anthony's beard. Anthony explains that his beard grows in patches every time he tries to grow it. However, Ian is determined to make sure Anthony grows "the most amazing beard in the world" and the two start to grow Anthony's beard. For the first attempt, Anthony takes an entire bag of Experimental Beard Growing Medicine, but ends up growing long pink hair the next day. The next attempt, Ian tries to organize what Anthony had already grown so it looks like a beard, but he gets upset. The other attempt, Ian gives him a liquid containing 100% pure testosterone. Anthony did grow hair, but on his chest, his back and his pubic area, but no beard. On the day of the audition, his beard was back to the way they started, but despite this, Ian approves.

For the audition, the duo have to advertise a product from the makers of the Easy Step, the Easy Sweep. The Easy Sweep has 2000 bristles and a handle made of super lightweight carbon fibers. Ian comes out of the audition telling Anthony he did not look or sound like him. However, Anthony tells him that he has another interview and has to act like Billy Mays until then. Ian argues that he did better, but Anthony says maybe he is just a natural. Angry, Ian mimics him and calling him a "big, stupid dumbass". He opens his car door and tells Anthony to leave, calling him a "Billy Mays look-alike prick". Confused, he asks Ian if he is serious, to which he says he is and tells him to go away. Then Ian gets in his car and he starts crying to himself in frustration as Anthony leaves.

As Anthony is walking alone, a truck comes by and the passenger asks Anthony if he is Billy Mays. Anthony is about to say no, but then decides to lie and tell them he is, in which the truck drives off. However, the same truck drives back around, but this time, the passenger in a ski mask covers Anthony's face and takes him into their truck, kidnapping him.

Trivia / Goofs

  • This video and part two were uploaded on the same month and year that Billy Mays died.
  • The video was uploaded on the day when analog had shut down in the USA. Smosh reset their DTV converter box just to do the filming.
  • The dolls that Anthony played is the figure of Jesus that was used in "Pokemon Theme Song Revenge" while the other doll is Searchman.EXE from Mega Man Battle Network series, who was previously featured as Cyborg Satan in The Epic Battle: Jesus vs. Cyborg Satan.

Shut Up! Opening

Hi! Billy Mays here! Do you want some crap you shouldn't buy? SHUT UP!



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