Awesome New Robot!
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July 27, 2012 (Smosh)
July 29, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Anthony, Ian, Cheryl, Bot Best Friend, Billy Hamburger and other people in the commerical

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AWESOME NEW ROBOT! is a Smosh video uploaded on July 27, 2012.


Ian and Anthony buy a new robot friend but it may cause trouble, especially when Ian's mom warns them not to put the robot on the 5th mode...



He'll play with you and wipe your nose
Make your bed and tickle your toes
So much fun wherever he goes,
He's Bot Best Friend
He'll beat up bullies and hug your mom.
He's always right and he's never wrong.
He's the one who wrote this song.
He's Bot Best Friend
Bot Best Friend
BOT BEST FRIEND(murderous voice)
Bot Best Friend

Ordering The Robot

Ian wants the robot and asks his mom to have it for his birthday even though his next birthday is in nine months. Ian wants the robot or else he'll show his mom's embarassing video to everybody. Eleven seconds later after choosing, Ian gets his robot from the mail and his mom warns him never ever to set it on the fifth mode. But Ian ignores her and tests it.

Mode #1 Best Friend

Play fun games and ride a bike
Kick your butt in a pillow fight
Step outside and fly a kite
He's Bot Best Friend!

Between Modes 1 and 2

Anthony felt bored and tries another setting.

Mode #2 House Cleaner

He'll clean the house and mow the lawn.
Scrub the toilet and wash your thong
Incriminating evidence will all be gone!
He's Bot Best Friend!

Between Modes 2 and 3

Ian thought that number two mode was weird and wants to try a new one.

Mode #3 Dancing Machine

He'll dance in the park and in the street
At the playground
On a beach!
When it comes to getting down he can't be beat
He's the Bot Best Friend

Between Modes 3 and 4

Ian and Anthony were surprised that the robot was doing the robot dance, something Anthony calls "robotception". After that, Ian wanted to know what else it could do.

Mode #4 Sexy Mode

(Romantic voice)

He's a sexy bot, just looking for love.
Rub you down with a velvet glove.
He'll make you cry like a pretty dove.
Bot Best Friend
(The song does not have two last lines due to Anthony and Ian being too disgusted to continue playing with the robot on mode 4. The last two lines can only be heard in the album Smoshtastic.)

Between Modes 4 and 5

Ian and Anthony felt upset and worried about the robot and saw it humping a vacuum. They hated the fourth mode and Ian wanted to see the fifth mode. However, Anthony warns Ian that his mom specifically told him that under any circumstances he should never ever put it on the fifth mode, but Ian ignored Anthony by saying that he is a "grown ass man" and he could do whatever he wants, so he turns it to the fifth mode.

Mode #5 Murderous Rampage

The robot's eyes glowed red and Ian did not like it because it wasn't doing anything. Ian thought it was stupid prank his mom pulled on him. However, Anthony spots the robot holding a chainsaw. Ian doesn't believe it, but when Anthony yells at Ian to look behind him, he turns to get slashed with the robot's chainsaw on his shoulder. Anthony screams in horror as Ian is killed, and as he attempts to flee the robot wraps electric wires around Anthony's ankles and causes him to trip. The robot then fires eye lasers at Anthony's body, killing him.


(Murderous voice)



Ian's mom stops the robot by shooting it in the back with a shotgun. She goes to Ian's body and says that she knew that he would deliberately defy her despite her warnings and activate the fifth mode. She then takes the video tape of the embarrassing video from him and says that her secret will never be revealed. She then goes to the robot and changes it to Sexy Mode. The robot and her then head off to "get busy" while Ian, somehow still alive, comments how gross that is while Anthony says he liked it. After saying this both of the two die.

Deleted Scene

The robot is in hump mode. Ian said he would go first, but Anthony hates being second. Ian just kept on going and said to Anthony, "Too bad, bitch.

Ian's Mom Embarrassing Video


Ian tells his mom he did something on his own and then hears music.

Metal Mom Song (part 1)

I'm the most badass mom you've ever seen!
If you look at me funny I'll rip out your spleen!
I'll crush your face with my hands and turn it into stew!
I'll make you do chores around the house and shovel up the dog's
Alright let's open this mother f**king pit!


Ian wants to know what his mom was doing. She was making an excuse by saying that she was testing his microphone. Ian felt skeptical, left her in the room, and heard some more music.

Metal Mom Song (part 2)

I am Ian's mom!
My son's a dumbass!
I am Ian's mom!
My son's a pussy!

Script (excluding song)



Actor Character
Paula Barkley Mom
David Chernyavsk Child #4
Lee Eisenhower Bot Best Friend
Cheryl Hecox Ian's Mom
Ian Hecox Ian / Child #2
Anthony Padilla Anthony / Child #1
Mari Takahashi Child #3 / Dead Body
Brad Westerbeck Man on Bench


  • This video is the first video where its El Smosh counterpart has the commercial theme song translated.
  • Smosh Pit Weekly host Mari appears in this episode as one of the kids in the robot commercial.
    • In the commercial, Mari uses several bracelets from the Smosh Store.
    • Billy Hamburger reappears in the commercial as well.
  • In the background of the robot commercial, at 0:32, there are 2 plush toys from MondoMedia's Happy Tree Friends series. They represent the characters of Cuddles and Flippy.
  • The video was created the same day as the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in London.
  • The robot costume was reused from HOW TO CHEAT ON YOUR GIRLFRIEND!
  • Even though the commerical said "Bot Best Friend" four times, the last sounded murderous, which is probably why Ian's mom knew about the last mode of the robot.
  • The cake said "Congrats on Being Potty Trained Ian" with Cinderella on top, even though he is a male and has been seen using urinals and toilets in previous episodes.
    • In the same scene, behind lan, you can see that the refridgerator had body part designs of a smiley face, hand, and a face with a mustache made with magnets.
    • The mustache face appears multiple times in videos with the camera facing the kitchen refridgerator.
    • Also, after lan hugs his mom, the fruits in the bowl make a smiley face from 2 oranges and a banana
  • When Ian set the robot to best friend mode, it was on murderous rampage, even though it didn't seem to kill him and Anthony.
  • In the house keeping scene, the robot rolled up a rug with a body in it, which were just 2 legs.
  • When the video was uploaded, it was four months before Ian's actual birthday while the video makes him seem that his birthday is in April.
  • Near the end, before lan's Mom walks through the archway to the rooms, lan's room still has the "NO GURLZ ALLOWED" sign from SIRI TRIED TO KILL ME!
  • Ian's mom shot the robot with a Shotgun from behind, so that means that there should be a bullet hole on it's backside. But there is no bullet hole on the robot's back while it and Ian's mom are walking towards the bedrooms
  • This is the first El Smosh video that involves singing with Spanish lyrics.
  • If you listen after the commercial is over very closely, you will here the guy say, "Batteries not included, I'm talking really fast right now because that's what they do at the end of the commercials"
    • This also means that Ian didn't put in batteries but the robot still worked.
  • In the sexy mode, you can see the guy in the robot suit's wrist when he rubs Anthony.
  • The line "He only wants to eat your soul" during the robot's Murderous Rampage is loosely similar to the "your eternal soul you'll give" line from the Happy Cow song. 
  • Also, the Bot Best Friend is also very similar to the Happy Cow: they both have songs that turn disturbing and violent at the end--and their eyes turn red during this--and Ian also buys both products.

Shut Up! Opening

"*Robot noise* I am a robot. *Another robot noise* SHUT UP!"

Subscription Ending

"Click the subscribe button, or else I will kill you, bitch!"



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